Romeo and Juliet Act 1 worksheet questions

It’s an introduction to the story, sets the scene, and gives a preview. The lines of the prologue rhyme because the chorus sings it. What is the purpose of the prologue?
Verona, Italy; long standing family feud What is the setting of the story?
Coals- colliers- choler In scene 1, Sampson and Gregory speak to each other using puns and alliteration. Give some examples of puns in scene 1.
rosaline doesnt love him What is causing Romeo such distress?
If Juliet agrees Paris asks Lord Capulet permission to marry Juliet. What is Capulet’s response?
He can’t read so he asks Romeo for help, they are invited to the party. The servant has a list of people invited to the Capulet party. What is the servants problem and how is it solved? What happens as a result?
To compare Rosaline with other women Why does Benvolio suggest for Romeo to go to the party?
“It’s an honor I dream not of…” she will live as long as her parents desire What is Juliet’s response when her mother suggests marriage?
Tybalt is angry. “Verona knows him to be a virtuous and well-governed youth.” What is Tybalt’s reaction when he sees Romeo at the party? What is Lord Capulet’s response
T- quick temperedLC- respectful, tolerant What does the incident tell you about C. And T?
Their families are enemies Romeo and Juliet discover a conflict about each other after the party. What is their conflict?
The main character will suffer a major downfall. Shakespeare labeled the story, a tragedy. What will happen to the main character?
Briefly summarizes the play’s plot The prologue to the play does what?
Has been acting moody and unhappy lately Before Romeo appears on stage, we learn that he…
Rosaline Romeo says A madness most discreet, a choking gall and preserving sweet, he is talking about
Should consider marrying Paris Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she
He will die an untimely death “I fear too early” Romeo has a sense that
” O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!” Example of blank verse
“My grave is like to be my wedding bed.” From the prologue, Juliet foreshadows the play’s ending when she says…
Fate guides individuals towards their destinies One of the play’s major themes
Introduce some humor in word play The servants who appear in Act 1…
The Montague and Capulet families The conflict in Act 1 and the whole play
Tybalt The most unlikeable character in Act 1
Fickle Romeo’s behavior in Act 1
R and J meet and fall in love The most important action in Act 1
The deaths of Romeo and Juliet What event does the prologue foreshadow?
flat characters Abram and Balthasar are examples of…
C and M will pay their lives if there are further disturbances Prince Escalus’ message to Capulet and Montague
Win her heart, gentle Paris. My wanting her to consent is only a part of the process. If she agrees, then you have my consent as well. Capulet’s answer to Paris’ request to marry Juliet
Lammas Eve/ July 31 When is Juliet’s birthday?
I’d wager fourteen of my teeth, though to my sorrow it is true I have only four, they she’s not fourteen Which rephrases The Nurse’s speech in the passage
Study all of Paris’ features carefully What does Lady Capulet encourage Juliet to do
catch a glimpse of Rosaline Romeo goes to the party because he hopes to
He has had a premonition of death What makes Romeo reluctant to go to the party?
his tolerance of the Montagues contrasts with Tybalt’s outrage Capulet is a dramatic foil for Tybalt because
He will not allow a well-mannered guest to be insulted in his home Why does Capulet allow Romeo to stay at the feast?
The concern he shows over his son’s unhappiness What detail about Montague helps him to be a round character?
he has many personality traits Benvolio is a round character because