Romeo and Juliet Act 1 scene 3-5

Nurse’s daughter, who was born on the same day as Juliet, she died Who is Susan?
Lamma’s Eve (August 1) When is Juliet’s birthday?
To ask her if she is ready for marriage. Why does Lady Capulet visit with Juliet? What questions does she ask her?
Paris is a perfect match for Juliet and are in favor of the marriage How do the Nurse and Lady Capulet feel about Paris?
Mercutio, To talk and uses figurative languages and many plays on words. Which character loves to talk?
Of Fairies, responsible for what men dream, makes them dream of whatever they fancy Who is Queen Mab?
Something is about to happen that will shorten his life What premonition does Romeo have?
Any young lady who does not dance with him has corns on her feet How did Lord Capulet force the young ladies to dance with him?
Tybalt, When Lord Capulet allows him to remain at the ball Who recognizes Romeo’s voice at the feast and becomes furious because he is allowed to stay?
The Nurse is the one who introduces the lovers Who first tells Romeo and Juliet who the other is?