Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 1 Questions

Summary Montague and Capulet servants taunt each other, and a street fight breaks out when Tybalt attacks Benvolio. The Prince warns Capulet and Montague that further fighting will result in death. Romeo confesses to Benvolio that he is in despair because Rosaline does not love him back
What day does the play start on? Sunday
Servants were similar to… clowns, they provide comic relief
The _____ is an important recurring subject in this play law
Lines 35-60: According to Sampson, how can the Capulet servants stay on the right side of the law? letting the Montague servants fight first
Lines 35-60: How does Sampson plan to provoke the Montague servants into fighting first? he will act scared to fight by biting his thumb
biting one’s thumb was a ______ expression vulgar
Lines 35-60 Benvolio draws his sword when he sees the servants fight in order to keep the peace and break up the fight
Lines 35-60: In Tybalt’s first two lines of the play, what does he want to do? fight the servants
What four things does Tybalt hate? peace, Hell, the Montagues, and cowards
The Prince’s Speech, lines 82-104: Prince uses a metaphor to describe the fight he compares their rage to fire and their blood to purple fountains
How many street fights have occurred between the Montagues and the Capulets? 3
The Prince’s Speech, lines 82-104: According to the prince, what has caused these fights? A few words that one may have taken offense to
The Prince’s Speech, lines 82-104: What law does the Prince make right then? Whoever engages in any more street fighting shall lose his life