Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Glossary vocabulary packet quiz

civil* adj. relating to citizens(from Prologue)
grudge n. deep dislike(from Prologue)
naught pron. nothing(from Prologue)
adversary* n. opponent(from Act 1)
ambling n. walking(from Act 1)
an conj. if(from Act 1)
augment* v. to increase, to enlarge(from Act 1)
beget v. give life(from Act 1)
beseech v. beg(from Act 1)
chastity n. abstention from sexual intercourse(from Act 1)
courtier* n. an attendant at a royal court(from Act 1)
flourish v. to swing, brandish(from Act 1)
forfeit n. a penalty(from Act 1)
humor n. a mood, a whim(from Act 1)
kinsman n. relative(from Act 1)
nuptial* n. wedding(from Act 1)
pernicious* adj. destructive; deadly= causing great injury or ruin(from Act 1)
portentous* adj. foreboding(from Act 1)
profaner n. one who openly shows disrespect(from Act 1)
scathe* v. to harm(from Act 1)
trans- prefix. through, across(from Build Vocabulary)
transient visitor one who does not stay in one place very long (from Build Vocabulary)
transatlantic one who flies across the Atlantic Ocean back and forth(from Build Vocabulary)
transfusion the process of conveying blood to a vein or an artery(from Build Vocabulary)
transfer ticket a ticker that allows you to travel across different (usually subway) lines(from Build Vocabulary)
transcontinental railroad a railroad takes people across the continents(from Build Vocabulary)
transgression+ n. wrong doing, sin(from Build Vocabulary)
grievance n. injustice, complaint(from Build Vocabulary)
mar v. damage, disfigure, spoil(from Vocabulary Power)
heretic n. person who holds a belief opposed/contrary to the established teachings of a church(from Vocabulary Power)
wean v. stop a child or young animal from nursing on mother’s milk; free from a habit(from Vocabulary Power)
boisterous adj. rough; rowdy; noisily high-spirited and unrestrained(from Vocabulary Power)
disparage v. say bad things about; belittle or discredit(from Vocabulary Power)
choleric adj. hot-tempered, easily angered, irascible(from Vocabulary Power)
enmity n. hatred; ill will(from Vocabulary Power)
impute v. blame or charge with; attribute, ascribe(from Vocabulary Power)