Romeo and Juliet act 1

Tybalt meets Benvolio in the street, what does he think Benvolio? Tybalt thinks Benvolio is fighting with the servants which make him a coward.
why is the prince angry with the Capulets and the Montages? The Prince is angry with the Montague’s and Capulet’s because of their stupid fighting
how does romeo feel when he thinks about Rosaline ? When Romeo thinks of Rosaline it brings him depression because she rejected Romeo’s love. (Diana)
Why does Lord Capulet hesitate when Paris asked to marry Julie? The Lord calculate hesitated when I asked for the hand of the starter because he finds too young
Which character does Shakespeare used to provide comic relief in the scene three? The character used for comic relief in scene three is the nurse
Why does lady Capulet tell Juliet think about marriage? The Capulet tells Juliet to think of marriage because she finds Paris a decent man and thinks her daughter has waited long enough
What does Tybalt conversation with Lord Capulet reveals about him? That he is a fine and respected youth and to treat him with respect because he is in doing anything
What does the nurse tell Juliet at the end of the party? What Romeo’s name is and that he is a Montague
What reason does Romeo give for wanting to avoid the capulet’s party? He has dreamed that something bad will happen
Which word best characterizes Tybalts reaction when he recognized Romeo at the party? Offended
Romeo’s presence at the party causes Lord Capulet’s to do what? Say that Romeo has a good reputation