Romeo and Juliet

between what two families did the feud exist? Capulet and Montague
What decree does the Prince make after the street brawl? your life would be in danger
what advice does Benvolio give Romeo about Rosaline? forget about her
How does Capulet respond to Paris’ proposal to marry Juliet? She’s only 13 and he has to wait
How do Romeo and Benvolio learn of the Capulet ball?What are they going to do? Peter asked to read the guest list because he couldn’t read
How does Juliet feel about getting married? it is an honor she doesn’t dream of
How old is Juliet? What is Lammastide?On what day does it come? Juliet is 13. Lammastide is August 1, a holiday celebrating the summer harvest
When and where does this scene take place? (act 1, scene 4) a street at night time
Explain Romeos speech in line 106-113? that at the party it will be the start of something bad that will end his own death
Where does the scene take place? (scene 1, act 5) a hall in Capulets house
Who is Romeo talking about in lines 46-56? What is ironic about this? Juliet; said she’s too beautiful to die but they both die
Why does Tybalt become upset and how does Capulet respond to his rage? Tybalt realizes Romeo is a Montague; Capulet said he was the boss so he had to obey him
Who said “my only love sprung from my only hate”? Juliet
What is ironic about this scene? (act 2, scene 1) they think Romeo is with Rosaline but he’s in Juliets garden
When Romeo soliloquizes about Juliet, what metaphor does he use to describe her? she is the sun
why does he wish he was a glove? so he would be on Juliets cheek
Explain what Juliet means by “a rose by another name would smell as sweet” she didn’t care what his name was even if their families hate each other
After Romeo and Juliet vow their love what do they plan to do next? have a secret wedding
what is Friar Lawrence doing when the scene opens? collecting herbs and flowers in the garden
why does Romeo go see Friar Lawrence? to ask his help with the secret wedding
How does the Friar respond to Romeos request? he was shocked because Romeo just loved Rosaline
Why does he finally give in to Romeos request? he thinks it will end the feud
Whom do the guys think Romeo is lovesick for? Rosaline
Why does Juliets nurse come to find Romeo? see what Friar Lawrence said about getting married
What warning does she give Romeo? to watch for the Prince; he will kill anyone who gets close to Juliet
Why is Juliet irritated with the nurse when she returns? she was “out of breath” and couldn’t speak about Romeo
Tybalt, still enraged at Romeos intrusion of the Capulet ball, is determined to fight but Romeo refuses, why? he isn’t a villain
how does Mercutio get involved and what happens to him? he started the fight; he didn’t listen and he thinks Romeo isn’t ready to fight Tybalt. Tybalt stabs and kills him
How does Romeo react to this? mad and sad, he gets mad, fights Tybalt and kills him
What decree does Prince Escalus make? Romeo is exiled
As Juliet awaits seeing her husband again, what ironic news does the nurse bring? Your husband (Romeo) killed Tybalt
How does Juliet react to the news? she curses Romeo
Why does Juliet say, “Blistered be thy tongue for such a wish!” he was not born to shame upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit
how does Romeo react to the news of his banishment? runs to Friars cell and said being apart from Juliet is worse than dying
Friar Lawrence told Romeo his tears are ___? drunk
Where does Friar Lawrence send Romeo until he can figure out a plan? Manchua
What does Capulet do to try to cheer up Juliet? plans to let her marry Paris
What is ironic about this plan? Juliet is already married
How does Capulet react to Juliets refusal to marry Paris? threatens to disown her
what advice does the nurse give Juliet? marry Paris
What does Juliet decide to do? go see Friar Lawrence
What excuse does Juliet give for going to see Friar Lawrence? going for confession
What plan do they arrange? Juliet takes a drug to make her look dead so Romeo can get her
Capulet is happy now and decided to move the wedding from Thursday to Wednesday. What complication does this change foreshadow? the plan for Juliets fake death and to give Romeo the letter
List at least 3 fears Juliet has as she is about to drink the portion? what if it doesn’t work and she has to marry Paris?what if it kills her bc it’s poisonous? what if she wakes up before Romeo gets there?
who finds Juliet apparently dead? nurse
who says “death lies on her like an untimely frost on the sweetest flower of the field” ? Capulet
What news does Balthasar bring to Romeo? Juliet is dead
Why does Romeo go see the apothecary?(pharmacist) to get poison to kill himself
What does Friar Lawrence now plan to do? keep Juliet in his cell until Romeo comes back
what happens when Romeo and Paris meet at the tomb? they fight then Paris does, asking to be buried by Juliet
What is Romeo puzzled about as he looks at Juliet in the tomb? she is still beautiful
what does Romeo do to himself? drinks the poison and kills himself
what happens when Juliet wakes from her deep sleep? she sees that Romeo is dead so she kills herself
what does the Prince mean when he says “all are punished” members of each family are punished because they lost people