Romeo and Juliet

Setting The play romeo and juliet mostly takes place in verona, Italy.
Point of View the point of view of romeo and juliet is third person
character 1 romeo one of the main characters in the book who falls in love with juliet
character 2 juliet one of the main characters in the book that falls in love with romeo
character 3 benvolio Montague’s nephew, Romeo’s cousin and good friend
character 4 Mercutio romeos close friend
character 5 tybalt A Capulet, Juliet’s cousin on her mother’s side.
character 6 king montague Romeo’s father
character lady capulet Juliet’s mother, Capulet’s wife, a woman who married at a young age.
Major conflict the problem in romeo and juliet is that both montages and capulets hate each other but romeo and juliet both have deep feelings for each other and their family hatred is stopping them, and making them be hidden.
exposition the story begins in italy, verona where too love birds families hate each other so they have to hide the fact that they love eachother.
rising action it starts getting heated when romeo goes to the ball and meets juliet and falls in love with her at first sight.
climax the highest point of the story is when both romeo and juliet die.
falling action the falling action is when both families are informed that they have to go talk to the king because of what happened to their children.
resolution the resolution of the story is that both families realize that the punishment of their hatred killed their children and they start regretting every and the families finnally made peace.
Theme the theme of romeo and juliet is that love is really strong and that if you actually love someone you will do anything to be with them because thats all that matters to you. Another theme is that comes to mind when you read romeo and juliet is how sometimes hatred can have tremendously bad consequences so if their is a possibility to not hate take it. also: “don’t keep secrets” “listen to your parents” “love can have consequences”