Romeo and Juliet

What are the characteristics of Romeo? lovesick, emotional, immature, rash, loves to love, quick to judge, kills Tybalt
What are the characteristics of Mercutio comical,cynical about: feud, friends, and love, sarcastic, and jokester
What are the characteristics of Juliet? lovestruck, doesn’t want to marry at first, serious
What are the characteristics of the Nurse? Capulet, caring, wants the best for Juliet
What are the characteristics of Lord and Lady Capulet? Wealthy, wants Juliet to marry Paris, Lord- short sided, temperamental
What are the characteristics of Paris? related to prince of Verona, wants to marry Juliet
What are the characteristics of Tybalt? “prince of Cats”, hates Montagues, Juliet’s cousin, kills Mercutio, kinsman
What are the characteristics of Friar Lawrence understanding, wise, doesn’t want Romeo to marry Juliet
How are Mercutio and Romeo foil? Romeo is naive about love and takes it seriously. Mercutio jokes around and is cynical about it.
Why have Romeo and Juliet been immortalized as the archetypes of true love? they are willing to sacrifice everything- including themselves- for their love
What are the views of tragedy? 1. Catastrophe results from a flaw in the character of the hero 2. flaw results from fate or coincidence3. tragedy results from an error of judgement
What makes someone a tragic hero 1.Make mistakes2. misjudge other characters3. misinterpret events 4. confuse appearance from reality 5. fall from glory- crushes others and himself 6.of noble birth 7. not good or just, misfortune brought by error or weakness rather than wickedness 8.tracks hero’s downfall, usually brought about by his own misjudgment
How can Romeo be seen as a tragic hero? 1. from highly respected family2. flaw as falling in love too deeply and quickly 3. rash behavior; rushed to kill himself
What are Romeo’s bad decisions? . goes to Capulet party. steps in between Mercutio and Tybalt . rashly kills Paris . commits suicide
Who does his actions affect? Mercutio, Tybalt, and Paris die. Lady Montague dies of grief, and Juliet kills herself
What does Romeo mean by “dull earth” He needs to go back to his true soul, but his love is there with Juliet.
Why does Juliet ask romeo to not swear his love’s allegiance by the moon? The moon is inconstant so his love will be too
Who are Laura, Dido, Cleopatra, Helen, and Hero? What does Mercutio say about them? Laura is Petrarch’s beloved, Dido is Queen of Carthage said she was drab, Cleopatra is a deceitful woman, and Helen and Hero are the beloved respectively of Paris and Leander. He said they were good-for-nothing famous women and not so great.