Act Three Romeo and Juliet

Minstrels MERCUTIO An though make ______ of us, look to hear nothing but discords. Here’s my fiddlestick
Appertaining ROMEO Tybalt, the reason that I have to love theeDoth much excuse the _________ rage
Devise ROMEO I do protest I never injured theeBUt love thee better than thou canst _____
Effeminate ROMEO O sweet Juliet thy beauty hath made me _______And my temper’s softened valor’s steel
Lenity ROMEOAlive in triumph and Mercutio slain! Away to heaven respective _____ and fire-eyed fury be my conduct now
Martial BENVOLIOWho all as hot turns deadly point to pointAnd with ____ scorn with one hand beatscold death aside and with the other sends it back to Tybalt
Stout BENVOLIOAn envious thrust from Tybalt hit the lifeOf ____ Mercutio and then Tybalt fled
Amerce PRINCEBut I’ll ____ you with so strong a fine That you shall repent the loss of mine
Matron JULIETCome civil night Thou sober-suited _____ all in black
Dismal JULIETWhat devil art thou that dost torment me thus?This torture should be roared in _____ hell
Bedaubed NURSEA piteous corse a bloody piteous corsePale pale as ashes all ____ in blood
Perjured NURSEThere’s no trustNo faith, no honesty in men. All _____, all forsworn, all naught, all dissembles
Lamentation JULIETWhich modern ______ might have moved
EnamoredCalamity FRIARO romeo come forth thou fearful manAffliction is _____ of thy partsAn thou art wedded to ________
Usurer FRIARWhich like an _____ abound’st in all An usest none in that rue use indeed
Sullen FRIARHapiness courts thee in her best arrayBut like a misbehaved and _____ wench
Procures JULIETWhat unaccustomed cause _____ her hither
Strategems JULIETComfort me, counsel me-Alack alack that heaven should practice ______ upon so soft a subject as myself
Beshrews NURSEAnd from my soul too, else ____ them both