Summary of Important Passages (Othello)

Act1.Scene3.Line2 The Duke and the first senetor saying that the letters that they recieve regarding war aren’t consistant or reliable
Act1.Scene1.Line4 Iago is telling Roderigo that he isn’t taking advantage of him and that he had no idea Othello and Desdemona would end up together
Act3.Scene3.Line15 Cassio worries to Desdemona that the “political reasons” that Othello is staying away from him will last too long and that Othello will forget his “love and service”, especially if someone else has his job
Act5.Scene2.Line334 Lodovico telling Othello and Cassio that he found a letter in Roderigo’s pocket from him and addressed to Iago full of complaints. L thinks that R was going to send it to I but I killed him before he could
Act2.Scene1.Line22 A man telling Montano that the war is over
Act5.Scene2.Line66 Conversation before Othello strangles Desdemona. This is when D is promising him that she never loved Cassio as more than a friend
Act3.Scene3.Line190 Othello is telling Iago that he won’t believe Desdemona is cheating on him without real proof
Act4.Scene3.Line63 Desdemona asks Emelia if she think people actually cheat and Emelia says yes wouldn’t you, and Desdemona says no and that she never would
Act5.Scene2.Line387 After Othello stabs himself, Lodovico tells Cassio that he can do whatever he wants with Iago
Act4.Scene3.Line90 Emelia tells Desdemona that she believes that men cheat and that they should just understand that anything bad a women does is learned from the man
Act5.Scene2.Line1 Othello is saying that he HAS to kill Desdemona and he will no matter what
Act1.Scene2.Line75 Brabantio (Desdemona’s father) accusses Othello of drugging and raping his daughter
Act3.Scene3.Line426 Iago is lying to Othello saying that he has proof against Desdemona and that he heard Cassio say “Sweet Desdemona, lets hide our love” in his sleep