othello web quest

where was shakespeare born? stratford apon avon (England)
What was unusual about his birthdate? When do scholars think he was born? How did they come up with that date? April 23, 1564- might not be the actual date! We know his baptismal date, so we’re just guessing. he died April 23 also.
How many plays were attributed to Shakespeare? 37- controversy about who wrote the actual plays.
What does the video say about Shakespeare’s career? Why? Good business man, knew how to promote his work. developed real estate. built the globe theatre
4 types of Shakespearian plays tragedy comedyhistory tragicomedy
People often get confused and can’t remember if they’re familiar with the phrase because they heard it from Shakespeare or …. the bible.
Why did shakespeare become a poet? EconomicsDisease/Plague (shut down theaters) 154 sonnets
how many words has Shakespeare been credited with adding to the english language? 3,000
Elizabethan theatre shifted from a religious to a … function in society secular
Why did the theater receive criticism and scorn? Plays were coarse and boisterous.Puritan leaders thought theater took away attention away from the church
Why were so many playhouses constructed outside of the London’s city limits? So the theaters wouldn’t upset the Puritans. Queen Elizabeth built them outside so that they won’t be mad.
Who was one of the best known Elizabethan actors? Which Shakespearean company did he preform with? Richard BurbageLord Chamberlains Men
Who was not allowed on stage? Why? How did the theater get around the rule? WOMEN. It was considered inappropriate. Young boys would dress up like women.
How did Elizabethan actors dress? What is unusual about this? lavish costumes that were consistent with upperclass dress. That didn’t reflect the clothing/ roles of the characters
Describe the Elizabethan theaters. Who made up the audience? Dirty & loudPeople from all classes3,000 people in the audiences
Compare and contrast the Elizabethan theater-going experience to performances at the KentuckyCenter, the Brown Theater, or the Palace. How are they similar? How are they different? Similar—seating makes it easy to see the play; round/arced seatingBoth showed playsPlays around 2-3 hoursDifference—no women in Elizabethan theatre; women can perform nowFloor seats were cheaper; now floor seats are more expensiveActors had to use voices louder; now we have mics & technologyElizabethan audiences were rowdy; now you’re expected to be quiet & pay attentionPlays during the day b/c of lighting issues
Jot down three observations of the Globe Theatre. 1. round, like a globe 3. Crowded 5. Standing room/no seats in front2. no roof 4. Classy 6. 3 levels 7. Theatre in the round
Where is Mauritania located? Africa—Northwest Coast
What type of people inhabited this land? Blacks/Africans and Berbers <- now known as Moors
3. What is a Moor? North African Muslim
How was the term “Moor” used in Europe? Did it have a positive or negative connotation? negative
Summarize the importance of Venice as a setting. What does Venice symbolize? What kinds of people lived there? Symbol of law & civilization, high cultureKnown for their courtesans/prostitutes
What current US city would you compare Venice to? Why? Las Vegas, NY, HollywoodFamous, popular, glamorized lifestyle
Summarize the importance of Cyprus as a setting. What does Cyprus symbolize? What kind of island is Cyprus? Island sacred to Venus—goddess of loveMilitary Camp—strict, war, fights
Give a general description about the role of women and marriage at this time. Wives were property of their husbands;Unmarried women were property of their fathers, and brothersMarriages were arranged, especially in upperclassUnmarried women were considered a burden to their familiesFoolish to marry for love
Provide two reasons it may have been a big deal that Desdemona married Othello. 1. they married for love!2. it wasn’t arranged3. awkward b/c Brabantio was friends with Othello4. Moor/European—race5. age difference6. class differences