Othello Study Guide

What is Iago’s complaint in scene 1? he was mad because he didnt get a promotion
Who was Brabantio, and why did Iago and Roderigo awaken him in the middle of the night? brabantio- desdemonas father, and they wanted to tell him about othello and desdemonas marriage.
why did iago leave roderigo at brabantio’s house? he didnt want othello to know he was involved
what was brabantio;s reaction to othello’s marrige to desdemona she thought that she was forced to marry him
why did the duke send for othello there was war taking place and he needed his help
brabantio complains to the duke about othello’s marriage to desdemona. after listening to both sides of the story, what is the dukes reply “I think this tale would win my daughter too”.
what was roderigo’s complaint, and what was Iago’s reply for it. roderigo wanted desdemona also, and Iagos reply was to get over it
why did Iago want roderigo to anger cassio he didnt want cassio to have his position
what was the purpose of iagos plan he wanted to get revenge on othello for not giving him his rightful promotion
why did iago want cassio to drink more wine he wanted cassio to be drunk when roderigo came to talk to him later
what lie did iago tell montano about cassio he said that cassio had a drinking problem
why did othello strip cassio of his rank he thought that he wasnt fit for his position, he wasnt responsible
why did Iago want cassio to ask desdemona for help in restoring, othellos faith in cassio because if desdemona and cassio are together then Iago can say something and have something to work with when they are together
why didnt iago simply tell othello right away that desdemona and cassio were having an affair to plant the seed of dought
what thing did emilia find and give to Iago? what did Iagos intend to do with it HandkerchiefGive it to Cassio to plant in his apartment
what is iagos reply when othello demanded proof of his wife’s disloyalty He spoke to soon and it might not be trueSaw him wipe handerkerchief and heard him talk about Desdemona in his sleep
what did othello decide and command at the end of scene3 Kill Cassio and DesdemonaIago as new lietentent
what was emilias relationship with iago? desdemona? Iago- wife who treats her badly but still tries to please himDesdemona- “maid”
who had the handkerchief at the end of act 3? why? Bianca- the prostitute which means white in spanish which means pureity but yet shes a prostituteCassio gave it to her
after iago lied and told othello that cassio confessed going to bed with desdemona, what advise did he give the overwhelmed othello? To kill Desdemona and he will take care of Cassio
how did iago trick othello into thinking cassio was gloating and bragged about his affair with desdemona Iago makes Cassio talk about Bianca so it looks like Cassio is talking about Desdemona
why was bianca angry with cassio She thinks Cassio has been unfaithful
how did biancas return with the handkerchief help iago It shows Othello that Bianca as the Handkerchief that she received from Cassio
why did othello his desdemona Because she unknowingly says something that makes Othello believe that she is having an affair with Cassio
what was lodovico’s reactionreaction to othelo;s behavor towards desdemona?how did iago explain othellos behavor to lodovico Lodovico is very surprised that the noble Othello hit Desdemona. Iago explains to Lodovico that Othello’s behavior is actually much worse than that
why did othello ask emilia bout cassios affair with desdemona, and what was her reply Because Emilia is always with Desdemona and her reply is that Desdemona will never be unfaithful to Othello
to whom does desdemona turn for help after othello calls her a strumpet Iago
why did iago tell roderigo to kill cassio? why did roderigo consent to it? Because Venice made cassio governor…Roderigo consents to think about it because he is desperate to get to Desdemona
how could iago gain from roderigo’s death? cassio’s nothing could be traced back to him if he were dead
what happened when cassio and roderigo in the fight? cassio gets wounded, roderigo is also wounded
what did iago do after he wounded cassio He runs away