Othello quotes

“I follow him to serve my turn upon him…I am not what I am.” pg. 9 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago and Roderigo are having a conversation about Othello and how Iago wants to take his place. Meaning: This quote is saying that Iago is different than how he acts.
“Rude am I in my speech…feats of broil and battle.” pg. 35 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello is talking to Brabantio and the Duke. Meaning: Othello is saying that the only ting he is good at is war. He is also talking about his lover, Desdemona, and how he charmed her with love.
“My story being done…the witchcraft I have use.” Speaker: Othello Situation: Othello is speaking to the Duke about Desdemona. Meaning: Othello is saying that she fell for him. Othello enjoys telling adventurous stories, and he says that Desdemona fell in love with all of his stories.
“My noble father….Moor my lord” pg. 41 Speaker: Desdemona Situation: She is speaking to Brabantio about Othello. Her father (Brabantio) asks who she is going to owe obedience to, himself or Othello? Meaning: Desdemona chooses Othello to ow obedience to because he is her lover.
“That I did love the Moor…and fortunes consecrate…” pg.45 Speaker: DesdemonaSituation: Desdemona is speaking to the Duke about Othello.Meaning: She says that his skin color doesn’t bother her, She wants to go with him (Othello) to war.
“Virtue? a fig!…our unbitted lusts” pg. 51 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago is talking to Roderigo about Othello and Desdemona. Iago wants him on his side in his situation with Cassio and Desdemona. Meaning: Iago is the guy that is driven from inside him.
“Thus do I ever make my fool…to the world’s light” pg.55 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago is speaking a soliloquies alone on stage. Roderigo and Iago had just finished talking. Meaning: Iago is acting like Othello slept with his wife (Emilia) and he is going to ell Othello that Cassio slept with Desdemona. He is thinking of a plan of how to get rid of Cassio.
“O, you are well tuned…As honest as I am” pg. 73 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago is speaking an aside. He and Othello are talking. Meaning: Talking about Othello and Desdemona. He wants people to think he is honest.
“That Cassio loves her…plain face is never seen till used.” pg. 79 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago is speaking a soliloquies after talking to Roderigo about their plan. Meaning: He wants Roderigo to be angry at Cassio. Cassio is the guard for the night and Iago wants Roderigo to pick fight to get Cassio fired. He wants to make Othello jealous.
“My blood begins my…’Tis monstrous. Iago, who bean ‘t?” pg. 95 Speaker: OthelloSituation: The fight between Cassio and Roderigo had just taken place. Montano has been stabbed and Othello is wondering what had happened.Meaning: Othello is wondering what had happened and asked Iago who had begun the fight.
“Reputation…my reputation.” pg. 99 Speaker: CassioSituation: Othello had fired Cassio for fighting and hurting Montano.Meaning: Cassio is very hurt and worried about his reputation now that he has been fired from his post.
“As I am an honest man…such a loser.” pg.99 Speaker: IagoSituation: Cassio and Iago are speaking about the event that just happened.Meaning: Iago is convincing Cassio that reputation doesn’t matter. He says he is telling the truth (he is an honest man).
“How am I then a villiain…shall I enmesh them all.” pg. 103 Speaker: Iago Situation: Iago is speaking a soliloquies after speaking to Cassio about reputation and what had just happened. Meaning: Iago is saying that Cassio is wanting Desdemona. Iago is saying that Desdemona will separate from Othello so he can fix her virtue.
“I think thou dost…passion cannot rule.” pg. 125 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello is speaking to Iago about Desdemona and her cheated on him.Meaning: Othello is worried now because he thinks Iago is an honest guy. He believes him that Desdemona is cheating on him.
“Good name in man…me poor indeed” pg. 129 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago is speaking to Othello about his relationship with Desdemona.Meaning: Iago is saying that name and reputation is a big deal- Opposite of what he was telling Cassio.
“O beware, my lord…yet strongly loves!” pg. 129 Speaker: IagoSituation: Iago and Othello are speaking about Othello’s relationship with Desdemona.Meaning: He is telling Othello not to be jealous. He says if he doesn’t care about his wife, he doesn’t care, but if he loves her, it will be bad.
“This fellow’s of exceeding…heaven mocks itself” pg. 135 Speaker: Othello- soliloquies Situation: Othello had just finished talking to Iago about Desdemona and he is thinking and talking to himself.Meaning: He says if Desdemona is a really bad person, he will let her go.
“I will in Cassio’s lodging…thou owedst yesterday” pg. 141 Speaker: Iago Situation: Iago had just finished talking with Emilia about Desdemona’s handkerchief. Meaning: Iago is going to put Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s room, and Othello will find it and know that Desdemona and Cassio are together.
“I had been happy…Othello’s occupation gone!” pg. 143 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello is speaking to Iago about his relationship with Desdemona. He can’t believe what Iago is saying and he is very upset.Meaning: He is saying that everything he was good at (militarily) is gone and leaving him. He has nothing left.
“Give me your hand…A frank one” pg. 155 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello is talking to Desdemona, and he is still very upset about their relationship. Meaning: He asks for her hand to see if they are sweaty or trembling to see if she is nervous or hiding something from Othello.
“Had it pleased heaven…grim as hell!” pg. 197 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello and Desdemona are talking about the handkerchief that Iago put in Cassio’s room and Othello is very upset.Meaning: Othello is saying that he could’ve handled everything and that he still loves her.
“I will be hanged…east to th’ west.” pg. 203 Speaker: EmiliaSituation: Emilia, Desdemona and Iago are talking about Desdemona’s problem with Othello.Meaning: Emilia is saying that maybe someone very mean is planning something to separate Desdemona and Othello. She explains Iago perfectly, but doesn’t know it is him.
“If e’er my will…vanity could make me.” Speaker: Desdemona Situation: Desdemona, Emilia and Iago are talking about the relationship between Desdemona and Othello.Meaning: Desdemona is saying that she will never stop loving Othello.
“The world’s a huge thing…purgatory for ‘t.” Speaker: Emilia Situation: Emilia and Desdemona are talking about relationships and cheating on spouses.Meaning: Emilia is saying that she would cheat on Iago if the price was higher.
“This is the night…fordoes me quite.” pg. 235 Speaker: IagoSituation: Emilia, Bianca and Iago are speakingMeaning: Iago says, this night is all I have to succeed fully or this is it.
“It is the cause…where it doth love”. pg 235 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello comes into Desdemona’s room while she is sleeping and wants to kill her.Meaning: Othello says she has to die or she will betray everyone.
“O perjured woman!…thought a sacrifice.” pg. 241 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Desdemona is wondering why Othello wants to kill her, and Othello is saying she lies.Meaning: Othello says that Desdemona is lying about not having a relationship with Cassio, so he is going to kill her.
“O, insupportable!…alteration.” pg. 243 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello and Emilia are speaking, after Emilia came into the room and saw Desdemona dead.Meaning: Weather and nature imitate emotion. He says that terrible things should happen now since Desdemona is dead.
“O mistress, villany…with love!” pg. 249 Speaker: EmiliaSituation: Emilia and Othello are speaking about Desdemona’s death. Emilia is shocked that Othello had killed her and she is calling him a villain.Meaning: Emilia realized that Iago was lying the whole time.
“I have seen the day…dead Desdemon! dead! Oh! Oh! pg. 257 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello realizes that Iago was lying to him. He holds a weapon to kill Iago, but Gratiano takes it from him. Meaning: Othello can’t believe what he had done. He is very sad and wants to kill Iago.
“I have done the state…all his tribe”. pg. 263 Speaker: OthelloSituation: Othello and Cassio are talking about Desdemona’s love and Cassio is telling Othello everything Iago did with the napkin etc.Meaning: Othello is justifying himself. He can’t believe he had just killed his love.