Othello: Plot

Act 1 – Iago and Roderigo argue on the street in Venice about if Iago hates Othello and how he feels angry that Cassio got the position of lieutenant that he wanted. – Iago is angry about still being an ensign and not second in command to Othello – Iago promises to get revenge – Iago and Roderigo wake up Barbantio and warn him about Othello and his daughter – Iago mentions war with cyprus and leaves so as to not be caught plotting against othello – Barbantio comes back in a rage because his daughter is indeed gone and Roderigo tell him that she married Othello – Barbantio insists that Othello must have tricked her and they decide to search for her
Act 1 Scene 2 – Othello and Iago are on the street in Venice, Iago is telling him about how “angry” he was about the things that Barbantio was saying about Othello – Othello remains calm while Iago blabs about all the things Barbantio will try to do to Othello and Desdamona like have them divorced and yada yada. – Othello says he loves desdemona and won’t give up on her. – They are interrupted by Cassio and many officers bringing the news that there is now a war with Cyprus and the duke is looking for Othello to deal with the matter.- Othello leaves and Iago tells Cassio that Othello was not around be cause he was getting married, Othello returns and makes Cassio leave with him. – Before they can leave Barbantio arrives al la mob, but Othello tries to sort things out but Barbantio accuses him of stealing him his daughter- Othello tells him he is the favoured general of the duke and the duke would be pissed at Barbantio if he got Othello in trouble. -Barbantio insists the bring the entire matter to the Duke
Act 1 Scene 3 – The Duke and senators of Venice are dealing with the war over Cyprus, the governor of Cyprus has send a message saying their city will soon be under siege, and they need immediate military help. – Barbantio enters with Othello, Cassio, Iago, Roderigo and other officers, the Duke dispatches Othello to fight the war but Barbantio interrupts and says his daughters been stolen. – The duke promises he will do anything to help and will punish the man who did it no matter who it is. – Barbatio tells him it is Othello and the Duke asks Othello WTF, and Othello gives his speech about how they fell in love and what not, and sends Iago to get Desdemona.- Desdemona arrives and backs up Othellos story. – The Duke sides with Othello and tells Barbantio to move on. – The Duke plans to send Othello into battle and they discuss where to house Desdemona and decide that at her fathers would be a bad idea, Desdemona says she would like to go with her husband, the Duke requests that Othello leave NOW and Iago will bring his things later and Desdemona with them. – Barbantio tells Othello, Desdemona will deceive him, Othello says his life relies on her faithfulness and tells Iago to take Desdemona along with Iago wife Emilia on the journey to the battle ground. – Iago and Roderigo are the last to leave and they chat about Roderigos desire to kill himself and how Desdemona and Othellos relationship will not last. – Iago promises to meet and help Roderigo in the morning. – Iago is left alone and he tells everyone his plan for Othello to convince him that Cassio is sleeping with Desdemona.