Othello Madness Quotes

[ACT 3, SCENE 3] Othello: I’ll tear her all to pieces Othello quickly becomes animalistic and violent, contrasting his earlier character
[ACT 3, SCENE 3] Othello: Farewell the tranquil mind Othello appears to acknowledge his loss of rational thinking and descent into jealous madness
[ACT 1, SCENE 3] Iago: The Moor is of a free and open nature that thinks men honest that but seem to be so and will as tenderly be led by the nose as asses are Iago realises that Othello’s virtues are also his greatest flaws, that he can exploit
[ACT 4, SCENE 1] Othello: Ay, let her rot, and perish and be damned tonight, for she shall not live. Here Othello is violent and uncaring about his wife
[ACT 4, SCENE 1] Othello: Lie with her! Lie on her! – We say lie on her when they belie her. – Lie with her! Thats fulsome. -Handkerchief- Confessions, – Handkerchief- O devil! (falls into trace) Here Othello has truly lost his mind, he is rambling and falls into a trance. Iago’s manipulation has broken him
[ACT 4, SCENE 1] Othello: O devil, devil! If that the earth could teem with women’s tears. Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile. Out of my sight! Before this Othello slaps Desdemona, he is insanely screaming nonsense that Desdemona is the devil and fake cries