Othello Final

domestic Context and Dating:Othello is a ______________ play
wisely Context and Dating:Tale of a once-proud man who concludes sadly that he has “loved not ___________ but too well”
hinterlands Context and Dating:Setting: ______________ – military outpost on the island of Cyprus. 1,000 miles from Venice
sexual Context and Dating:____________ jealousies and innuendos destroy Othello’s marriage
senator Plot and Structure:foreign general falls in love with daughter of a powerful Venetian _____________
Duke Plot and Structure:__________ of Venice condones marriage
Cyprus Plot and Structure:immediately sends Othello to lead an army to __________
Iago Plot and Structure:__________, under Othello’s command, spews poison that destroys Othello’s trust in his bride
Cassio Plot and Structure:contradiction: Desdemona and __________ simply have no time to indulge in “stolen hours of lust”
action Plot and Structure:__________ lies in the processes of thoughts and feelings
verse Language and Music:Initial contrast: Othello’s speeches in ____________ and Iago’s mainly in prose
Othello Language and Music:__________ represents high style
Iago Language and Music:__________ represents the common man
imagery Language and Music:patterns of ____________ contrast light with darkness and human with beast
Othello Language and Music:____________’s language begins to fall apart towards the end of the play
Iago Language and Music:____________’s language adapts to all circumstances and sometimes improves
green eyed monster Themes and Issues:”_________-_______ ___________” – the play depicts the destructive power of jealousy
passion Themes and Issues:Iago: ability to appear so rational and dispassionate while consumed by ____________ spawned by envy and self-loathing
color Themes and Issues:The play is astonishingly bold in its sympathetic depiction of a person of ___________
women Themes and Issues:___________ are victimized in the play. Emilia delivers both the injuries women suffer at the hands of men
Cassio Act 1:Iago is mad that __________ was named Othello’s lieutenant because Iago:- has more experience- has 3 recommendations- needs $$$
Brabantio Act 1:Iago and Roderigo woke up _____________ in the middle of the night because they wanted to tell him about Othello and Desdemona’s secret marriage
Othello Act 1:Iago leaves Roderigo at Brabantio’s house because he doesn’t want __________ to know he told Brabantio about the marriage
magic Act 1:When Brabantio finds out about Desdemona’s marriage he doesn’t believe it or thinks Othello tricked her into marriage using __________
Duke Act 1:The _________ sends for Othello because he needs to tell him he’s being sent off to fight the Turks that night
approves Act 1:After learning about the marriage from both Brabantio’s complaining and Othello’s explanation, the Duke ____________ the marriage
Roderigo Act 1:______________ is heartbroken over Desdemona so Iago tells him to save up his $$$$
Cassio Act 2:Iago wants Roderigo to start a fight with ________ so he’ll lose his lieutenantship
drunk Act 2:Iago gets Cassio _________ to he’ll get violent and start a fight
Montano Act 2:Iago tells _________ that Cassio is a drunk and drinks himself to sleep every night
Othello Act 2:After Iago’s explanation of Cassio’s fight, ____________ strips Cassio of his rank because he thought of him irresponsible and dishonorable
Montano Act 2:Cassio stabs _________ while he was drunk
Desdemona Act 2:Iago tells Cassio to ask _____________ for help restoring Othello’s faith in Cassio because it would appear that she favors Cassio over Othello (making him jealous)
friendship Act 3:Iago didn’t simply tell Othello that Des and Cassio were having an affair because Othello wouldn’t believe him and it would ruin their _____________
Emilia Act 3:_________ finds Desdemona’s handkerchief and gives it to Iago
handkerchief Act 3:Iago plans to put the ______________ in Cassio’s stuff to make it look like they’re having an affair
talking Act 3:When Othello’s demands proof of his wife’s disloyalty Iago says he heard Cassio _________ in his sleep about making love to her and that he once wiped his face with the lost handkerchief
kill Act 3:At the end of scene 3, Othello decides to ______ Desdemona and for Iago to ______ Cassio (same word)
lieutenant Act 3:At the end of scene 3, Othello also appoints Iago as his _______________
Emilia Act 3:_________ is Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s close friend and handmaiden
Bianca Act 3:When Cassio finds the handkerchief, he likes it so much that he gives it to his lover _________ to make a copy of it
hide Act 4:Iago tells Othello to ________ so Iago can talk to Cassio and get him to confess about having an affair with Desdemona
Bianca Act 4: Iago tricks Othello into thinking Cassio is talking about sleeping with Desdemona when Cassio is really talking about his affair with __________
angry Act 4:Bianca is __________ with Cassio because she thinks the handkerchief belongs to another one of his lovers
Othello Act 4:Bianca’s return with the handkerchief helps Iago’s plan because ___________ sees that Cassio had his handkerchief making him think he’s sleeping with Des
slaps Act 4:When Lodovico comes with a letter saying Othello gets to go home and Cassio will take his place, Desdemona is happy they get to go home but Othello _________ her because he thinks she’s happy that Cassio is being promoted
Lodovico Act 4:After Othello hits Des, ____________ questions Othello’s sanity
Emilia Act 4:Othello asks _________ about Desdemona’s affair with Cassio because they’re together so much but she says there’s nothing going on between them
Iago Act 4:Desdemona turns to ___________ for help after Othello calls her a strumpet (wh***)
Roderigo Act 4:Iago tells __________ to kill Cassio so he won’t take Othello’s place in Cyprus. He agrees because then Othello and Des have to stay and he’ll have a chance with Des
Roderigo Act 5:Iago would gain from ____________’s death because then he won’t tell Desdemona that Iago took the jewels meant for Des
Cassio Act 5:Iago would gain from ____________’s death because Iago thinks he’s better than him and then Othello won’t tell him what Iago’s been saying about the affair
Iago Act 5:Roderigo tries to stab Cassio but missed so Cassio stabs Roderigo, then __________ comes in and stabs Cassio in the leg
Roderigo Act 5:After wounding Cassio, Iago runs away so no one sees it was him and then he kills ______________
Othello Act 5:Desdemona is faithful to Othello until the end because even after ___________ smothered her, she says it was her own fault (she basically said she’s the reason she’s dead when it obvi wasn’t)
Emilia Act 5:When Othello tells her that Iago had revealed Desdemona’s affair with Cassio to him, _________ realizes Iago is behind ALL OF THIS BULLSH*** DRAMA
Emilia Act 5:________ tells everyone the truth about Iago
Othello Act 5:In the end, ____________ was about to be arrested for killing Desdemona but instead he kills himself
Iago Act 5:In the end, everyone finds out about what ___________ did, Othello stabs him (not dead tho), and he’s taken away to be tortured and killed
Cassio Act 5:In the end, ___________ get Othello’s job and gets to rule Cyprus
Montano ____________ is the governor of Cyprus
Bianca ____________ is Cassio’s lover and slut of the community
Lodovico ____________ is a Venetian noble who delivers a letter to Othello
Gratiano ____________ is a Venetian noble and uncle of Desdemona
Duke of Venice ____________ ___ ___________ is the ruler of the city and allows Othello and Des to stay together despite Brabantio’s protests
Roderigo ____________ is in love with Desdemona and Iago manipulates him to help his plan to take down Othello
Brabantio ____________ is Desdemona’s father and senator of Venice
Iago ____________ is Othello’s ensign and a crazy person who hates Othello and wants to ruin is life
Cassio ____________ is Othello’s lieutenant despite his little experience
Desdemona ____________ is Othello’s wife and the daughter of a senator
Othello ____________ is a Moor (Muslim; person of dark skin) and an officer in the Venetian military. He is married to Desdemona but because of Iago’s manipulation, he goes crazy out of jealousy