Othello Final test

Why is Iago initially upset with Cassio’s promotion to lieutenant? He wanted the promotionDidn’t think Cassio was fit for the position
Why is Iago able to easily manipulate roderigo into going along with his plan to seek revenge against Cassio? Roderigo was in love with Desdemona who was married to Othello.-this would drive Roderigo against othello, which would in turn affect Cassio
How does Brabantio react when he hears that Othello and Desdemona have eloped? -gets very angry-accuses Othello of using magic on Desdemona
Why does the Venetian State value Othello? -he is a general in the venetian army-good leader
What does Iago claim that he is angry at Othello for? -promoting Cassio to lieutenant-rumors of Othello sleeping with Emilia (Iago’s wife)
Why does Iago slip away so quickly after he and Roderigo have alerted Brabantio that Othello Desdemona have eloped? He was nervous about facing othello-he wants othello to continue to view him as a friend
What reasons does Othello offer to explain how Desdemona came to fall in love with him? -his stories of being a war hero with a dangerous/ risky past life impressed her-she pitied him for all he had gone through
According to the Duke, why must Brabantio accept that his daughter has married Othello? Because his daughter loves Othello
What is Brabantio’s warning to othello? -Desdemona betrayed his trust and will likely betray Othello’s too
What might be Shakespeare’s intentions by quickly resolving the battle against the Turks between acts 1 and 2? -to keep Iago’s plan and the story line running smoothly without distraction
What is the purpose of getting Cassio drunk before going on guard duty? -so he gets angry more easily and will want to fight
Cassio’s reluctance to go along with Iago’s comments about Desdemona’s beauty shows what about his character? -that he values women more than Iago does, and tends to want to do the right thing
Why does Othello strip Cassio of his lieutenant rank? -he caused a fight-hurt Montano
After his demotion, Cassio is mainly upset for what reason? -he was drunk when is had happened-his reputation had been ruined
After being demoted, why does Cassio trust that Iago will help him? -he is deceiving and looks as if he’s trying to help by suggesting that Cassio talk to Desdemona to get his job back-really, it’s part of Iago’s plan to ruin people’s lives
Ironically, the more Desdemona pleads for Othello to forgive Cassio, what happens? -othello becomes suspicious-wants less and less to forgive Cassio
In order for Othello to truly believe that Desdemona is unfaithful, what must Iago do? -provide Othello with evidence
What seems to induce Othello’s two seizures? -Iago continuously talks about Desdemona and Cassio-the thought of this drives Othello insane
How does Iago use Othello’s handkerchief to his advantage? -He puts it in Cassio’s room to make it seem like Desdemona was in there with Cassio at some point
By this point in the play, Othello is enraged about the supposed affair between Cassio and Desdemona. What is his final demand of Iago? -that he kill cassio
While spying on Iago and Cassio’s conversation, how does Othello’s growing jealousy impact him? – he has the desire to kill both Cassio and Desdemona-begins having a seizure
What is ironic about Emilia calling the person who wants to get on Othello’s good side “some cheating, lying, wretch who has made up this slander to get a promotion”? -the one doing all of this is her husband
How and why is Iago able to continuously manipulate roderigo? -he’s been lying to him, but Roderigo continues to trust that Iago is on his side-he is vulnerable because he is so in love with desdemona
What is ironic about how many of the play’s characters refer to Iago? They refer to him as honest and trustworthy when he is the exact opposite
During a conversation, Emilia state that she would cheat on her husband for, “the whole world.” How does Desdemona respond to this statement? -desdemona says that she would/could never cheat, and talked about how she is very against it
What motive does Iago have for killing Roderigo? -so his plan wouldn’t be revealed
As roderigo lies dying, what realization does he come to? That Iago is evil and has been lying to everyone
Why does Desdemona refuse to identify her killer as she lays dying? -she doesn’t want to believe that it’s Othello
While Othello is giving Emilia his reasons for having killed Desdemona, why does Emilia keep repeating “my husband”? -she realized that it was Iago and began putting things together
After Desdemona’s murder, Emilia’s anger and verbal attack against Othello is due largely to what? -the fact that he had just killed Desdemona, but also that she was upset that Iago caused all the problems
What might Iago’s refusal to offer reasons for his horrific plot reveal about his personality? – he is selfish-does not want to give Othello the satisfaction of knowing why he did it
The letters found on Roderigo’s body are an example of irony for what reason? -the letters were supposed to be for Desdemona, but she never got them because of Iago
Where must Othello go to answer for having married Desdemona? -to the Duke
Where does Cassio say he found the mysterious handkerchief? -in his room
Where does Othello kill Desdemona? -their bedroom
Where does Lodovico go at the end of the play? -back to Venice
-desdemona’s father-high up in Venice Brabantio
-former suitor of Desdemona (still loves her) Roderigo
-protagonist-married to Desdemona-general in Venetian army -promoted Cassio-highly respected -“outsider” due to skin color-the moor Othello
-Iago’s wife-desdemona’s friend/ attendant Emilia
-senator of cyprus-stabbed by Cassio in a drunken brawl Montano
-settled the initial issue/complaint with Othello and Desdemona’s marriage-leader of venice The duke
-promoted over Iago-Othello’s good friend Cassio
-antagonist-Othello thinks they’re friends, but this person hates him Iago
-Recently married Othello Desdemona
-Desdemona’s cousin-Brabantio’s kingsman Lodovico
TRUE OR FALSE: Othello and his men seen as invaders and despised by the people of Cyprus False
TRUE OR FASE: Brabantio learns to accept Othello as his son-in-law False
Who was the original character to pick up Desdemona’s handkerchief? Emilia
Why does Roderigo stab Cassio? Because Iago told him to
Why does Othello strip Cassio of his lieutenant position? -he caused a fight and hurt Montano
Othello become enraged when he sees who has his handkerchief? Cassio
Who kills roderigo and why? Iago so his plan wouldn’t get exposed
which character has the information to unravel Iago’s plan? Roderigo
Why does Emilia die? She knew too much of Iago’s plan
Who kills Emilia? Iago