Othello Character Traits

Othello A Venetian general and a moor with a mysterious past who is a main character/protagonist. His fatal flaw is jealousy.
Iago Serves under Othello in the army, hates him, and wants power (mainly Cassio’s position as second-in-command.) He is manipulative and two-faced. He is the antagonist and is the main reason why everyone ends up dead.
Roderigo Loves Desdemona, and is manipulated by Iago to give away all his money.
Desdemona Wife of Othello. She is a loyal, obedient woman who betrayed her father out of love for her husband. Iago accuses her to Othello of being unfaithful, and he believes him, and ends up killing Desdemona. She is faithful to Othello until the end, never telling anyone what he did to her.
Brabantio Father of Desdemona. He warns Othello to watch out for her betrayal because she had done it before. He ends up dying of a broken heart since she left him.
Cassio Othello’s second in command. Stripped of power after Iago tricked him into getting into a drunken fight. He begs Desdemona to have Othello take him back, but is accused of having an affair with her by Iago. He is almost killed by Iago and Roderigo, but survives and becomes the governor of Cyprus.
Bianca Cassio’s lover, basically a prostitute
Emilia Iago’s wife; does Iago’s dirty work; killed by Iago→ importance: steals handkerchief
Montano Governor of Cyprus→ importance: gets in fight with a drunk Cassio
Gratiano Desdemona’s uncle, kinda of a jerk, gives the message that Roderigo is dead
Lodovico Desdemona’s cousin and a member of Venice’s diplomatic service, saw desdemona get slapped, has no personality, witnesses the deaths of the main characters