Othello Cast of Characters

Bianca Cassio’s mistress
Emilia Attendant to Desdemona, Wife of Iago
Desdemona Tells of the letters found in Roderigo’s pockets
Roderigo He is in love with Desdemona and will do anything to win her love
Iago He was passed over for a promotion; manipulative; cunning
Cassio Othello thought he was having an affair with Desdemona
Othello The jealous Moor
Lodovico Brother of Brabantio
Gratiano A kinsman of Brabantio who accompanies Lodovicofrom Venice to Cyprus.
Brabantio Desdemona’s father
Duke of Venice The official authority in Venice, the Duke has great respect for Othello as a military man; sends Othello to lead the Venetian mission to defend Cyprus against the Turks.
Montana – The governor or Cyprus before Othello’s arrival.