othello- act III

Why did Cassio bring musicians to please the general and politely wake him up
“I pray you, wind instruments” comic relief because they are farting
“O, thereby hands a tail” comic relief because it is supposed to mean a tail over a butt that is farting
Why does Cassio want to see Emilia he wants her help to get to desdemona to talk to her
What does Iago say he will do he will get emilia to get des to talk to him and he will get othello away so that cassio can talk to des freely
what does cassio say about iago that is ironic he says he is a trustworthy and honest man
What does Emilia tell Cassio that Desdemona is already doing for him she is already speaking on his behalf and sticking up for him
What is Othello saying about Cassio He loves him still, but does not know is he can bring him back because of the influence Montano has on the city of Venice (it would give him a bad rep)
What is Othello doing in this scene and why is it important He is going to check on the defense and leave Des..Cassio can move in and talk to her which will help the plan
What is Desdemonas response to Cassios requests she says she will do anything and everything she can to help him
“I warrant it grieves my husband as if this cause were his” how is this ironic She says that Iago is so upset about Cassios problems it is like they are his own..ironic because he is ruining cassio
How do Desdemonas responses fall into Iagos plans if she talks so much about cassio it will be like she likes him which will make othello think that and fall perfectly into iagos plan
What responses do othello and iago have to seeing cassio leave desdemona they think it is suspicious and and they are confused
“i cannot think it that he would steal away so guilty-like” He would not leave my house looking so guilty like that
How successfully does desdemona plead for cassio? what is othellos response to desdemona as she leaves? she successfully pleads for him bc she gets othello to say that he will call him back at some point..finally she gets so annoying and he sees how passionate she is about this so he says that he loves her and will do anything for her
“let him come back when he will; i will deny thee nothing” let him come back whenever, i will do anything for you
“whatever you be, i am obedient” do whatever you want and i will be obedient to you
why does iago simply tell othello right away that desdemona and cassio are having an affair he wants to leave suspense and him thinking about it
why does othello become a man of misery by his next speech? what has moved him from love to jealousy? iago makes him think that his wife is cheating on him so now he is a man of misery after this conversation
“men should be waht they seem; or those that be not, would they might seem more” people should be what they appear to be, and if they arent honest they shouldnt look like they are
o beware, my lord, of jealousy! it is the green eyed monster beware of jealousy, it will swallow you like a monster
what is othellos discussion of wife telling me that my wife is successful and beautiful will not make me feel inferior, she chose me with eyes wide open, so i will need proof to show if she cheated on me
what is iagos advice watch her closely, not with an accusing eye and not with a trusting one and watch her because she did deceive her father
how does othello respond that he is bound to him forever and he does not think she would have cheated on him, but people do go away from their nature
othellos soliloquy and his feelings on des says that she cheated on him, their marriage is over, and that women always betray men
what does des drop when talking to othelllo her handkerchief
what does emilia find and give to iago the handkerchief
background of handkerchief first gift the moor gave to des..was given to his mom by an egyptian woman who said that as long as she had it othellos father would be loyal to her
what does iago want to do with it plant it in cassios room
what does the quote about proof mean give me proof that i can see with my eyes..if you dont prove it you are nothing
when demanded proof how does iago reply has it really come to this
what are othellos conflicted feelings he feels his wife is honest, but also feels she is not and says that she has a damned reputation
what does iago say he heard cassio say in his sleep “sweet des, let us be wary, let us hide our loves”
why is it significant that iago said he saw cassio with the handkerchief this was the first gift the moor gave to des
how does the climax show how othello has changed he says that he will not stop until he gets revenge and has changed from nice, to violent
what is othellos plan for des and cas he wants them killed, but iago does not
what is the pun on lies lies on bed or sleeps with
what is emilias relationship with iago and des she and iago just scheme together and she uses des, but des thinks they are friends
irony in des’s comments about othello saying that he isnt jealous and never has been
How does othello try to get des to admit to not having the handkercheif? is othello telling the truth by saying he has a cold and needs it..he could be lying to make her feel guilty
what does the argument show about des and othello? how does des’s changing the subject make things worse they both have power…bringing up cassio again
what is emilias view on men says that they eat us and basically use us
what does des tell cas about waiting that othello is in a weird place so he will have to be patient
explain bianca cassios prostitue..cassio asks her to copy handkerchief pattern and she freaks out that she thinks it is a gift from another woman..cassio found the handkerchief sitting in his room
who has the handkerchief at the end of act 3 and why bianca because othello gave it to her to copy the pattern bc he wants one like it