Othello (Act I, Scene III)

Sum up the reports that the duke and the senators hear about impending war in Cyprus. They received info on the movements of the Turkish fleets and also about how many fleets there are.
Explain Brabantio’s first response to the duke. He doesn’t really care. He’s too distracted by his daughter’s affair with Othello.
What accusation against Othello does Brabantio repeat to the Duke? He still believes Othello has bewitched his daughter. That she is still under a spell of some sorts.
What does the duke promise Brabantio? If the accusation is true, Brabantio can interpret the law as he sees fit in punishing Othello.
What disturbs Brabantio most about marriage? Brabantio believes his daughter is acting completely contrary to her nature when marrying this black man.
How do the duke and the senators show that they are trying to conduct a fair hearing of this case? The duke and the senators allow Desdemona to be sent for to testify for herself.
What does Othello say in his speech of self-defense? Othello often entertained with stories of his adventures. Desdemona would hear parts of a story, but household duties would interrupt. When she returned to the company, she would beg to hear more. Her sympathy turned to love and his love grew as well.
How does Desdemona respond to her father’s questions? Desdemona chooses Othello.
Why are the duke’s words cold comfort to Brabantio? Brabantio is too emotionally involved.
Othello accepts his orders to go to Cyprus with only one condition. What is it? Othello insists that he must have one hour with Desdemona before he leaves because after all it is their wedding night.
Why does Desdemona not want to stay at her father’s house? The daily sight of Desdemona would make her father angrier.
What is Desdemona’s request to the duke? She wants to accompany Othello to Cyprus.
What are the final arrangements? Iago and his wife Emilia will escort Desdemona to Cyprus.
Why is Iago so anxious that Roderigo not take his own life? Iago needs his money, he also needs him as a decoy.
What does Iago say in his soliloquy at the end of act 1? Iago needs his moneyHe likes treating Roderigo like a foolIago says the Moor will have had an affair with Emilia (uses as an excuse for his hatred)He plans to make Othello believe Cassio is making love to DesdemonaIago believes the Moor will be easily influenced by his lies