Othello Act 5 Study Guide

Which 2 people stab Cassio? Roderigo and Iago
Why doesn’t Cassio get hurt when Roderigo stabs him? Roderigo stabbed him in the chest but Cassio was wearing armor
Where does Iago stab Cassio? The leg
Who stabs Roderigo? Cassio
Why did Iago stab and kill Roderigo? To make it look like Cassio stabbed Roderigo and so the blame would be on Cassio
Who finds Cassio? Lodivico and Gratiano
Who does Iago blame for Cassio being stabbed? Bianca
Why is it risky for Emilia to go tell Desdemona and Othello what happened? Bc Othello is going to kill Desdemona, and Othello could kill Emilia if she sees Othello killing Desdemona
Why does Othello think he’s a hero for killing Desdemona? He thinks he is helping the world by killing her bc he is preventing her from cheating on other men
Why does Othello ask Desdemona if she has prayed tonight? Bc he wants to her to pray for her sins and go to heaven with a clean soul
What seems to be happening to Othello as he is talking to Desdemona? He is having a seizure
Why does Desdemona start crying? How does Othello interpret this? She cries bc she is told Cassio is dead. She is crying bc she lost a friend but Othello interprets it as Desdemona is crying bc the person she loved (Cassio) is dead.
How does Desdemona say she died? She says she killed herself
How is Desdemona saying she died related to the willow song? In the Willow song, the lady doesn’t blame her husband for killing her, she blames herself. Then, there is a knock on the door just like after Othello smothered Desdemona, Emilia knocked on the door.
Why did Othello take credit and admit he killed Desdemona? Bc he wants the credit for saving the world
Why does Othello saying killing Desdemona was an honorable killing and not a murder? He thinks Desdemona is a life long liar and lied on her death bed and is going to hell so he did the right thing
What does Emilia mean when she said, “I thought so then” She suspected Iago of giving false information before, but never acted on it.
Why did Gratiano come? He came to say Brabantio died
Who kills Emilia? Iago
What does Emilia do as she is dying? She sings the willow song
Why does Othello look at Iago’s feet? He wants to see if they are the devils feet
Why does Othello stab Iago? Bc he is angry at him and says if he stabs Iago and doesn’t die, Iago is the devil
What does Othello tell Iago after he stabs him? He says he’d rather have Iago live bc dying would be better
What does Lodivico find in Roderigo’s pocket? A letter that says Roderigo killed Cassio
What is going to happen to Othello now? He is going back to Vienna as a prisoner
What does Othello do to himself? He kills himself by stabbing himself
Who gets Othello’s stuff? Gratiano