Othello Act 3

How does Act 3 Scene 1 open? Cassio is talking to musicians to play a song for the newlyweds
What does the clown say to Cassio about the music? he said it sounded awful and he paid them to stop playing
Who does Cassio seek out to talk to Desdemona about getting his job back? Emilia
What does Act 3 Scene 2 remind us of? Othello’s power
What is Iago’s plan for Cassio, Desdemona and Othello? to have Cassio speak directly to Desdemona so that it would like they’re having an affair meeting in secret all the time and from that Iago will build flimsy evidence to make it seem true
What does Desdemona promise to Cassio? she will never stop bothering Othello until he gives Cassio his job back
What does Desdemona refer to Cassio as that comes off the wrong way to Othello? suitor
What new news does Iago hear that will help him build up a story? that Cassio was there all along when Othello and Desdemona were dating and he would tell Othello sweet things to say to her, so Iago will say that maybe Cassio loved Desdemona all along
How does Iago create an allusion of secrecy when he is talking to Othello about Desdemona and Cassio? through silence
What is Othello’s argument to Iago? that Desdemona chose him and if she didn’t love him then why would she have chosen him?
What do Venetian women have a reputation of doing? sleeping around
What are 3 reasons Othello doubts Desdemona’s love? he’s old, black and doesn’t have the social graces that other men in the court have
What does Desdemona drop that is so important the handkerchief
Emilia grabs the handkerchief knowing her husband wanted it, what does he do when Emilia shows him it? he grabs it right out of her hand
What does Othello order at the end of Scene 3? for Cassio to be murdered
Does Desdemona think Othello is the jealous type? no
What is so special about the handkerchief? it’s been something passed down through Othello’s family and it was the first gift he gave to Desdemona
What does Emilia suggest to explain why Othello has been so upset? he’s concerned with politics
Who is Bianca? What is her relationship to Cassio? she is a prostitute and she slept with Cassio and is in love with him
How did Cassio find the handkerchief? Iago planted it in his room
What does Cassio want Bianca to do with the handkerchief? make a copy of it