Othello Act 3 scene 1

Comic relief scene
“Are these, I pray you, wind instruments”- clown Scene 1 is a comic relief scene so it gives the audience emotions a brief pause from the tension of the preceding acts. Cassio meets with a group of musicians and a clown whom he sends to find Emilia. This respite scene appears in many Renaissance plays to entertain the audience.
“Converse and business many be more free”- Iago Cassio follows Iago’s instructions and talks with Emilia to see if she can convince Desdemona to speak with him. Iago is obviously pleased and offers to keep the Moor busy. Dramatic irony as Iago will keep Othello ‘busy’ observing his wife and his courtly ex-lieutenant exchanging serious conversation.
“I never knew a Florentine more kind and honest”- Cassio The irony here is obvious. The audience would hope that many Florentines are more honest than Iago.
“And she speaks for you stoutly”- Emilia She greets the Moor’s ex-lieutenant and expresses her disappointment and sorrow at his misfortune. Desdemona believes that Cassio should be reinstated. The news is indeed good and should satisfy Cassio but fate makes him too impatient to resume his lieutenancy.