Othello, Act 3 Scene 1 & 2

Cassio Prithee, keep up thy quillets. There’s a poor piece of gold for thee. If the gentlewoman that attends the general’s wife be stirring, tell her there’s one Cassio entreats her a little favour of speech. Wilt thou do this?(3.1.24)
Cassio Why, no. The day had brokeBefore we parted. I have made bold, Iago,To send in to your wife. My suit to herIs that she will to virtuous DesdemonaProcure me some access. (3.1.34)
Iago I’ll send her to you presently,And I’ll devise a mean to draw the MoorOut of the way, that your converse and businessMay be more free. (3.1.39)
Emilia He might not but refuse you. But he protests he loves youAnd needs no other suitor but his likingsTo take the safest occasion by the frontTo bring you in again. (3.1.52)
Othello These letters give, Iago, to the pilot,And by him do my duties to the senate.That done, I will be walking on the works,Repair there to me. (3.2.1)