Othello Act 3 Review

What is the purpose of the clown? It provides comic relief.
What does Othello’s request for Iago to deliver the letters to the ship’s captain show about his opinion of Iago? Othello trusts him.
What are Iago’s motives during his conversation with Othello when he sees Desdemona and Cassio together? He wants to make Othello think that Desdemona and Cassio are having an affair.
Othello demands proof before he believes that his wife is cheating on him. What does Iago offer? IIago said that he saw Cassio wipe his beard with Desdemona’s handkechief. He roomed with Cassio and couldn’t sleep;he said Cassio was talking in his sleep about Desdemona and how she should leave Othello.
Why does Iago bring up that Desdemona decieved her father? This gets Othello to believe that if Desdemona lied once, she will lie again.
What does Desdemina’s willingness to help Cassio say about her personality? She is kind and is willing to help people in need.
What change do we see in Othello? He begins as a loving husband, but by the end of this act, he is full of anger, hatred, and murderous thoughts about Desdemona.
What is Othello saying about Desdemona’s hand? What is he insinuating? He says that her hand is moist and hot and her hands are like people who are in love.
Why is the handkerchief magical? The Egyptian made it for Othello’s mother, and Othello’s mother gave it to Othello for his future wife.
Why is Othello telling Desdemona the story of the handkerchief? He is trying to make Desdemona feel guilty for losing it.
Iago’s goal may be to make Othello jealous, but who is the REAL jealous soul? Iago is jealous because Othello didn’t give him the promotion.
How did Cassio get Desdemona’s handkerchief? He found it in his room, where Iago had planted it.
Who is Bianca and what does she think about the handkerchief? She is a prostitute; she thinks the handkerchief came from another women that Cassio is having and affair with.
Why does Cassio give Bianca the hankerchief? He loves the design and wants Bianca to have it copied.
How are Bianca and Desdemona considered “dichotomies” (opposites)? Bianca is a prostitute whereas Desdemona is married and loyal.