Othello Act 2

What is the setting of the first scene? Cyprus, Sea-port
What is happening out at sea? There’s a storm
What has happened to the Turkish fleet? They got wrecked; the ships broke
Where is Othello during Scene 1? He is on his boat & is on his way to Cyprus
What does Montano think of Othello? Respects him and thinks he’s a good leader
What does Cassio think of Desdemona? She’s the prettiest thing of all creation
Who has just arrived with Desdemona? Roderigo, Iago, Emilia
How does Cassio greet Desdemona? Everyone bow down to her (Show’s his smooth talking)
How does Cassio greet Emilia? He kisses her (customary greeting)
What is Iago’s opinion of women? Girls are perfect angels except behind closed doors; evil and good for sex
What praise does Iago have for Desdemona? Uses her beauty and witts
Why is Iago’s praise somewhat of a backhand compliment? Uses her beauty to trick people
According to Iago, what do all women do, whether foul or fair, foolish or wise? Could speak but chose not to; had a lot of money but never spent on herself; She’d just let go of anger; not express opinions; Nursing babies and taking care of household
What will Iago use to snare Cassio? He will use his sucking up to Desdemona
What does Othello say he is likely never to have again?Why might these words be prophetic? Happiness like being on the ocean and coming back to Desdemona. He’s not going to be happy like that again bc of Iago
What lie does Iago tell Roderigo? Desdemona is in love with Cassio
According to Iago why will Desdemona reject Othello? looks
Whom does Iago claim to be Desdemona’s second choice? Cassio
What does Roderigo refuse to belive about Desdemona? It’s not in her character to cheat on her husband
What is the next step in Iago’s plan? He wants Roderigo to provoke Cassio
What is Iago’s true opinion of Othello and his marriago to Desdemona? How does he really feel about Desdemona? He thinks Othello would be a good husband.Loves her but not in a “i love you” kind of way.
What does Iago claim, again, as his reason for wanting revenge on Othello?How will he get his revenge? He thinks Othello will sleep with Emilia.”Wife for wife”
What two happy occasions will be celebrated at tonight’s feast? ending the war and Othello’s marriage
What suggestive comments does Iago make about Desdemona (Scene 3)?How does Cassio respond to his comment? That she’s good in bed.She’s lovely; tries to make the convo more appropriate
Why does Cassio hesitate to join Iago and the others to drink? Because he says that he doesn’t respond well to alcohol
How will Iago use Cassio’s weakness to further his plot? To make him look like a drunk in front of important people
How might Shakespeare’s audience have reacted on hearing “I learned it in England, where, indeed, they are most potent in potting”? Would’ve been funny to them
Is Cassio drunk? How do you know? (pg. 71) Yes, bc he keeps mentioning he is not drunk
How does Iago slyly undermine Cassio’s reputation? He is a quality soldier but he is just as much of a drunk as he is a soldier
Who intervenes to stop the fight between Cassio and Roderigo? Montano
What happens to Montano? He gets stabbed
What does Othello call Iago? Honest and wants to know who started the fight from him
What excuse does Montano give for his involvement in the brawl? He says it was self defense
How does Othello feel about the incident?What does he demand to know? He says he is upset about the incident and says they would have lost Cassio even if it was Othello’s twin.Demands to know who started it
What does Monatno warn Iago not to do? Don’t lie to help Cassio
What does Iago say about Cassio? I’d rather have my tongue cut out of my mouth then say something bad about Cassio and if he says the truth then nothing bad happens to Cassio
What is Othello’s punishment to Cassio? Cassio got fired
What does a ruined reputation mean to Cassio?What does Iago say about reputation He’s lost the “immortal” part; when we die, our rep. is the only thing left.Saying that a rep isn’t always true because sometimes, good reps are given to undeserving people
Why is Cassio no longer drunk? The anger was replaced with his drunkness
According to Iago, what should Cassio do to win back the general’s favor? Instead of going to Othello, go to Desdemona. She will influence him and do a larger favor than what you ask for.
According to Iago, why is his advice “honest”? Why would it be impossible for anyone to accuse him of being evil? Desdemona will plead on Cassio’s behalf.Bc Iago has stayed out of sight and hasn’t exactly lied about anything
What “pestilence” will Iago pour into Othello’s ear? The more she pleads for Cassio, her virtue will make her look inappropriate and guilty
How does Iago persuade Roderigo to stay in Cyprus? To have patience and give time for things to progress
What makes the hours seem short to Iago? “Time flies when you’re having fun”
How will Iago involve Emilia in his plot? She’s going to talk to Desdemona and help her plead for Cassio to Othello