Othello Act 2 Study Guide

How did the Venetians beat the Turks? The turks fleet was destroyed in the storm
Who arrives first? Cassio
What does Cassio say about Desdemona? She is our “captain’s captain” and he is very nice to her and compliments her.
What is an epigram? A concise, witty poe, which often ends on a surprising turn of thought.
What is a sardonic? When generalizations were commonly put into the mouths of down-to-earth characters.
How is Cassio snotty to Iago in the beginning? After he kisses Desdemona on the cheek, he tells Iago that this is what I was raised to do, which implies Cassio is more classy and proper than Iago.
What does Iago tell Roderigo to do? To provoke Cassio while he is watchman
Why is there the celebration? 1) Othello and Desdemona’s marriage2) Defeat of the Turks
During the celebration, what does Iago do to Cassio to try to provoke him? He talks about Desdemona in a vulgar way.
Why does Cassio agree to drink, even though he originally didn’t want to? Bc he wants to fit in with the other soldiers
What does Iago tell Montano about Cassio? He tells Montano that Cassio is a drunk and before he goes to bed each night he gets drunk.
How does Montano respond to this? He says Iago should tell Othello
Why is Roderigo so upset with himself after the fight? Because he lost his job and his reputation
Did Iago speak up for Cassio when he told Othello about the fight? Yes
Iago says Cassio can get his job back by doing what? Cassio can go to Desdemona to beg for his job.
What does Iago say in his dark soliloquy? 1) He starts off by saying he is good2) He knows Desdemona will do what he says3) He says he (Iago) is the devil4) The more Desdemona talks to Othello about Cassio, the more Othello will get jealous and distance himself from Desdemona
Why does Roderigo want to leave Cyprus? Bc he is out of money and Desdemona doesn’t like him
How does Iago respond to this? He tells Roderigo that he needs to be patient, yes, Roderigo got beat by Cassio but Cassio lost his job so that sucks more.
What are the 2 things Iago says in his soliloquy at the end? 1) Emilia needs to talk to Desdemona2) Iago needs to get Othello out of the way and while Cassio and Desdemona are talking, bring Othello back so he sees them talking together and becomes jealous