Othello: Act 1 Questions

Why is roderigo angry at iago? Bc he did not tell Rod that Des and Othello eloped
Who got the position Iago wanted? Cassio
What does, “We cannot all be masters, nor all masters/Cannot be truly followed”? Just bc someone is the leader doesn’t mean everyone will follow that person
Why do Iago and Rod want to awake Brabantio? Bc they are going to let Bra know that Des and Othello eloped
By calling Othello certain things, what does Iago make Othello out to be? A horrible evil person
What does “making the beast with two backs” mean? Means having sex
What foreshadowing of the elopement does Bra have? He had a dream this was going to happen
Why does Iago leave before Bra comes down? He can’t let Othello find out that he was involved in telling Bra about him and Des
What does Iago mean, “Though in the trade is war I have slain men/ Yet do I hold it very stuff o’ th’ conscience/ To do not contrived murder”? He’s killed men in war but would never plan a murder
For what reason does Othello think that Bra says about him will not matter ? The things he has done as general will protect him
What does Casio tell Othello? The dude wants to see Othelllo
What kind of woman was Desdemona according to Brabantio? They’re tender and that she hates the idea of marriage and never wanted to get married
How does Brabantio think othelllo got Desdemona to marry him ? Othello must have used drugs or magic
Who is going to settle the argument? The duke
Who is Cypruss fighting with? Turkey
What does the Duke want a cello to do? Wants him to fight the Turks
Summarize what othellosays Othello did Mary Desdemona but that’s all he did, Othello doesn’t speak well because all he’s done is fight and battle, he will tell them how he and Desdemona fell in love
What does Othello say they can do to him if Desdemona speaks badly about him? He offers to up his life and says they can kill him
What did Brabantio question Ocello about and what would Othellotell him? would asked about the story of his life, othellodealt with battles, dealt with cannibals, and was sold into slavery
According to Othello , how did he win over Desdemona? His stories one her heart over and he liked her pity
Who does Desdemona now oh her duty to? Othello her husband
After hearing Desdemona speak, Bra tells Othello that they have his blessing. do you find the strange? why or why not ? Yes because he was so against her being with a black man until now also because he accused Othello of drugging her
When she learns Othello will go to war what does Desdemona request? She wants to go with him
How does Othello describe Iago ? Honest and trustworthy, Iago is always described like this
What does Brabantio say to Othello before he leaves? Watch Desdemona because she tricked her father so she may trick Othello as well
Iago tells Roderigo that is in our power to view things as good or bad. So in his speech to Roderigo when he says over and over put money in thy purse, what does Iago mean? The literal meaning is sell his land and get cash and money but the metaphorical meaning is don’t give up and keep hope
What other reason does Iago give for him to hate Othello? Iago hate Othello because there is a rumor that Othello slept with Iago’s wife
What is Iago’s plan for Ocello and Casio? Why does he believe Othello will fall for it? Make Othello think that Casio and Desdemona are having an affair. He trusts Iago and is a very trusting man, also othello is gullible