Othello Act 1 & 2

What’s Iago’s complaint in scene I mad that Cassio got luteniet job
who is brabantio and why does Iago and Roderigo awaken him in the middle of the night Desdemona’s father, wakes him to say desdemona eloped
Why does iago leave roderigo at brabantios house does not want brabantio to know he is there
what is brabantios reaction to othello and desdemonas marriage furious and does not approve “treason of blood” feels betrayed
why does the duke send for othello cypress is being attacked by Turks and he wants othello to be in charge of military
brabantio complains to the duke about othello’s marriage to desdemona. after listening to both sides of the story what is the dukes reply “this tale would win my daughter too” he is moved
swhat is roderigo’s complaint and what is imago’s reply he threatens to drown himself
who is othello and why is so respected by the Duke valliant solider, proven his trust
what warnings does brabantio give othello he may deceive you also, plants seed of suspicion
othello and desdemona have just been married, how long can they stay together only an hour because othello has to go to cyprus but they convince duke to let desdemona go with
what does iago say must happen to desdeomna he thinks she will not stay in love with othello because of his race
why does iago hate the moor he thinks othello slept with his wife
what happened to turkish fleet turks ship was sunk
where are we at beginning of act 2 what situation is at sea cyprus, a big storm going on at sea
which ship from venice arrives first cassias ship, then desdemona and iago, then othelli
why is it surprising that iagos and desdemonas ship comes before othello hers left after and arrived first
who is emilia iagos wife
how does cassia greet desdemona and emilia very courteous and kisses her hand
why does iago want rodrigo to anger cassio he wants to get cassia fired, othello wouldn’t approve of brewing
iagos plan’s purpose to get cassia fired
how does iago see desdemona iago sees her as a tool manipulates her
how does cassia see desdemona wonderful person
why does iago want cassio to drink more wine to get him drunk and in a fight
what is the outcome of cassia’s drinking injured montano
what lie does iago tell montano about cassio says he drinks too much and wants montano to think cassio is undependable