Gender Quotes -Othello

——-awake! What ho, Barbantio! ——, ——! Look to your house, —- ——-, and your —–! Theives, theives! IAGO”Awake! What ho, Brabantio! Thieves, thieves!Look to your house, your daughter, and your bags!Thieves, thieves!”
IAGO”an — —– ram is ——- your —– ewe” “an old black ramIs tupping your white ewe”
OTHELLOshe wished that —— had —- her such a — she wished that heaven had made her such a man
BARBANTIOlook to her, —-, if thou — eyes to —. She has ——– her father, and — thee.OTHELLOmy —- upon — faith BRABANTIOLook to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see.She has deceived her father, and may theeOTHELLOmy life upon her faith
IAGOshe did ——- her father, ——- you […]OTHELLOand — — did IAGO She did deceive her father, marrying you,[…]OTHELLO And so she did
IAGOI —- our country ———- well; In —— they do let —see — —— IAGOI know our country disposition well;In Venice they do let God see the pranks