Freytag Pyramid of Othello

Exposition part 1 Iago and Roderigo talk and confront Brabantio
Exposition part 2 Cassio tells Othello he is called for, and Brabantio insults and accuses him
Exposition part 3 Iago reveals his scheme. Othello, Brabantio, and Desdemona speak to the Duke
Rising Action part 1 In Cyprus, the Turks drown; Iago banters with Desdemona, and Desdemona and Othello reunite
Rising Action part 2 a wedding feast is announced
Rising Action part 3 Iago plies Cassio with wine on the watch, a brawl breaks out, and Othello “fires” Cassio
Climax part 1 Cassio talks to a clown and makes an appointment with Desdemona
Climax part 2 Othello delivers the letter
Climax part 3 Desdemona agrees to help Cassio; she talks to Othello. Iago “warns” Othello of jealousy and accuses Desdemona. Emilia finds the handkerchief; Othello confronts Iago; Iago recounts Cassio’s dream. Othello and Iago vow to kill Cassio and Desdemona
Climax part 4 Desdemona talks to the clown and can’t find her handkerchief, and Othello reacts to it missing
Falling Action part 1 Iago and Othello talk, and they hide Othello to spy on Cassio
Falling Action part 2 Othello grills Emilia; Othello’s soliloquy; Desdemona asks Othello for help
Falling Action part 3 Messenger from Venice, Desdemona sings “Willow”, and Emilia shares her views on men
Resolution part 1 Iago and Roderigo attack Cassio
Resolution part 2 Othello confronts and smothers Desdemona. Emilia discovers the murder of her mistress and Othello confesses. Iago kills Emilia and Othello kills himself