Shakespeare Exam: Much Ado About Nothing

from the opening of the play, how are Beatrice and Benedick of like mind? neither wants to marry
Who is the governor of Messina? Leonato
Who is Don Pedro’s bastard brother? Don John
Who is the Prince of Aragon? Don Pedro
Hero is Leonato’s… daughter
Beatrice is Leonato’s… niece
Who is Beatrice’s father? Antonio
Who is the young soldier, Benedick’s companion, who has proved himself in battle? Claudio
How do Don Pedro and Claudio decide to win Hero for Claudio? Don Pedro will pretend to be Claudio and woo her for him
Why does Don Pedro have to woo Hero for Claudio? Because Claudio is so in love with her he is afraid that he will bungle things
What does Conrade advise for Don John? that Don John try and remain in his brother, Don Pedros good graces
How does Don John respond to Conrad’s advice? He basically says that he doesnt want to change, and he cant control what he does or how he feels
How is Beatrice Best Described? quick witted, shrewd, defiant, and always happy
How is Hero best Described? good tempered, modest, and obedient
How do Beatrice and Leonato jokingly describe the ideal man? Midway between Benedick and Don John
Why does Beatrice say “too curst” is better than just “curst”? She jokes that she will never get a foolish husband
Who is holding a masquerade feast for Don Pedro? Leonato
How does Beatrice describe Benedick to the masked man when she doesnt realize it is actually Benedick? She says that Benedick is nothing but the Prince’s jester who tells bad jokes.
What does Don John maliciously tell the masked Claudio? He claims that Don Pedro plans to keep Hero for himself
Who incorrectly confirms that what Don John says to Claudio about Don Pedro and Hero? Benedick
What pact does Don Pedro make with Leonato, Claudio and Hero? They all conspire to make Beatrice and Benedick fall in love with each other
When will Claudio and Hero marry? They have to wait seven nights, or until Monday
What is Borachios plan? to convince Margaret to dress in Hero’s clothes and make love to her in Hero’s room. Don John will bring Don Pedro and Claudio to observe the betrayal
What does Benedick say the problem with women is in his soliloquy? Women are only wise, only fair, or only virtuous, but none have all of these qualities.
What do Claudio, Leonato, and Don Pedro discuss with the awareness that Benedick is hiding nearby? They claim that Beatrice loves Benedick, but that she will not tell them because she has fears he will mock her.
What does Benedick say about Beatrice after overhearing this situation? He all of a sudden realizes that she is fair, virtuous and wise
Beatrice also overhears that Benedick loves her. Whose conversation does she overhear? Hero and Ursula
What makes Dogberry’s character so funny? He tells the watch to ignore the criminals and thieves so they don’t harm themselves. He tells them to sleep
How much does Borachio get for implementing his plan to ruin and disappoint claudio? Don John pays him ten thousand ducats
Who does Borachio use to frame Hero? Margaret, Hero’s servant and Borachio’s girlfriend of the past year
Who overhears Borachio and Conrade? The watch overhears Borachio’s confession
Who else do Borachio and Conrade discuss? they discuss fashion, they think men spend too much time on it
With what does Margaret seem preoccupied? Margaret, like Borachio, discusses fashion, and Hero and Beatrice make fun of her for it
How does Margaret feel about marriage? she foreshadows that marriage makes the heart heavier, which foreshadows trouble.
What medicine does Margaret offer Beatrice for her sickness? She says she needs a dose of Carduus Benedictus, or Benedick
When Claudio and Don Pedro accuse Hero of betrayal at her wedding, what is Leonato’s initial response? 1. he believes that Hero is guilty2. He wishes that he and Hero were both dead.
Who believes Hero is innocent? Friar Francis, Beatrice, and consequently Benedick
What is Friar Francis’ plan? They will pretend that Hero is really dead. Then, Claudio will rediscover his love again
In order to prove his love, what does Benedick have to do for Beatrice? Beatrice makes Benedick challenge Claudio to a duel do that Hero’s name can be avenged
When questioning Borachio and Conrade, what is Dogberry ridiculously concerned about that sexton records? He wants everyone to know that Conrade called him an ass
When Antonio tries to comfort Leonato, what is his response? Leonato will not heed Antonio’s efforts to appease his grief since he thinks Antonio does not understand his pain?
When Antonio and Leonato meet Don Pedro and Claudio, what almost happens? Leonato and Antonio want to defend Hero’s honor
Who challenges Claudio to a duel? Benedick
What do Don Pedro and Claudio think of Benedick’s challenge? They think that he has been conquered by Beatrice and can no longer think for himself
When Leonato forgives Claudio and says that he will give him another bride, who is the other bride? Hero
What is ironic in Benedick’s request that Margaret help him speak to Beatrice? Benedick and Beatrice are the two characters in the play that have the greatest control of words and word play.
When Benedick asks Beatrice from which of his bad parts did she fall in love, how does she answer? she said she fell in love with all of them, and asks which of her good parts he fell in love with
When benedick asks if he can also be married, how does he describe the task to the friar? he asks “to bind me, or undo me, one of them”
When Leonato calls for the ladies to come before the Friar to marry, what do they wear? They are masked or veiled
What biblical allusion does Shakespeare make in this scene? Shakespeare alludes to the Old Testament story of Jacob, how he mistakenly marries Leah instead of Rachel because the sisters are wearing veils
When Benedick and Beatrice are publicly asked to declare their love for each other, how do they respond? “Why no, no more than reason”
How does Benedick defend his decision to marry, a clear change of heart? He says he plans to marry and therefore must disregard the opinions of those who mock marriage, including himself