Much Ado About Nothing Test- Aromando

When was Shakespeare born April 23, 1564
Where was Shakespeare born Stratford
What were Shakespeare’s parents names Mary ArdenJohn Shakespeare
Was Shakespeare’s father literate No
Did Shakespeare attend a university no
how many kids did Shakespeare have 3
what was Shakespeare’s wife’s names Anne Hathaway
Why were Shakespeare’s kids names HannahSuzannaJudith
How many plays did Shakespeare write 37-38
Name three words Shakespeare invented gloomylonelybedazzled
name three phrases Shakespeare invented all that glitter is not goldbreak the iceall is well that ends well
when did Shakespeare write Romeo and Juliet 1595-6
when did Shakespeare write much ado about nothing 1599
Who took over the throne in 1603? James I
when did shakespeare die april 23 1660
where did much ado about nothing take place Messina, Italy
where was don Pedro from Arragon, Italy
who sang “hey nonny nonny” Balthazar
who tricked Benedick LeonatoClaudioDon Pedro
Who tricked Beatrice UrsulaHero
Who heard Conrad and Borrachio talking on the steps watchman
Who is the last quote? friar Francis