Much Ado About Nothing test act questions

The messenger tells leonato, governor of messing up, that the men are returning from Battle. What information does the messenger give about Claudio, Benedick, and Don Pedro? The the messenger explains that Don Pedro is the prince and Weider who is successful in battle. The messenger then explains that Claudio is Young and brave. Finally, the messenger explains that Benedict fought well and is filled with good virtue.
Why does Leonato feel it necessary to explain to the messenger Beatrice’s comments? Leonardo feels it’s necessary to explain to the messenger Beatrice’s comments because Beatrice’s comment sounds like she is disrespectful and Leonato wants to prevent any rumors from being spread.
How would you describe Beatrice? What feelings about marriage to both Beatrice and Benedick share? Beatrice is quick-witted, cynical, and has good comebacks. Both Benedict and Beatrice have no interest or need for marriage. They prefer their independence.
What is learned about Don Jon? In this act, it is learned that Don John is a man of few words and was recently reconciled with Don Pedro.
What does Claudio ask Benedick? Claudio asks Benedict what he thinks of hero. Benedick thinks Hero is not special and discourages the thought for selfish reasons.
Why does Benedick seem opposed to marriage? When Benedick says he will stay a bachelor, what does Don Pedro predict? Benedick is opposed to marriage because he believes that all women are unfaithful. However when Benedick says he will stay a bachelor Don Pedro predicts that Benedick will be lovesick.
One theme of the play is that “things are not as they seem”. What action takes place that night that is also not as it seems? One action that conveys the idea that “things are not as they seem” is that, Don Pedro plans to woo Hero on Claudio’s behalf and Don Pedro is willing to pretend to be cordial.
What misinformation does an Antonio give to his brother? Where has Antonio received this information? Antonio tells his brother Leonato that Don Pedro is in love with Hero and that he will tell Hero he loves her. Antonio states that if hero is also in love with Don Pedro, Don Pedro will ask Leonato for her hand in marriage. In addition, Antonio claims that it was one of his servants who gave him this information.
How does Don John explain his depression to Conrad? John John explains his depression by saying that the things that cause his sadness have no limit which makes his depression continue without limit.
What does Conrad suggest? Conrad suggest that Don John listen to reason. Conrad also suggest that if he causes trouble Don John should be sneaky
How does Don John describe himself? Don John describes himself in a few ways. First, he says that you said when he is sad has reason to and that he won’t smile at anyone’s jokes. Next, he claims that he eats when he is hungry, but will not wait until it is convenient. Then, Don John says he sleeps when he is tired and that he will not Rouse himself for anything. For, he says he would rather be hated by everyone then trick people into loving him. He says that he is not a righteous and flattering man, but he is more like a villain.
Explain Don John’s remarks about Claudio: “That young start-up hath all the glory of my overthrow.” By this remark Don John is stating that Claudio the young man is the one responsible for preventing himself from Gaining power over his brother Don Pedro. In This Moment Don Jon shows that he has jealousy over Claudio success and battle and his friendship with Don Pedro.
When a bastard half-brother appears in a Shakespearean play, he usually is a resentful, angry villain. Explain how the law of primogeniture in the 16th century might have been a cause of this resentment. The law of primogeniture might have been a cause of the resentment of the villain Don John because Don Jon shows that he highly valued power. As a result, when his brother Don Pedro got the power and position as Prince, Don Pedro became angry and resentful.
How does Don John’s personality and behavior contrast with every other character thus far? Don John’s personality and behavior contrasts with every character thus far in that every other character has generally been in ahappy and light-hearted mood, talking about love, while Don John is always looking to cause trouble.
In what way is Beatrice like Benedick? What does Beatrice have against marriage? Beatrice is like Benedict in that she is also witty and negative towards the opposite sex. She believes that no man is good enough for her and she reminds us that she is independent, strong-willed, and doesn’t need a man.
How does Beatrice insult Benedick? A little later, how does the reader know that Benedick is upset? Beatrice insults Benedick by claiming that he is a dole buffoon who is a fool in a court jester. A little later the reader knows that benedick is upset because he claims that he will get revenge on Beatrice and he claims that Beatrice “speaks poniards and every word stabs.c
As the people enter the ballroom, how did they pair off? Don Jon sees his brother speaking of Love To Hero. Then he sees one man with his mask still on, and Borachio tells Don John that the max man is Claudio. Why does Don John ask Claudio if he is Signior Benedick? As people enter the the ballroom, Don Pedro and Hero are together, Beatrice and Benedick are together, Ursula and Antonio are together, and Balthasar and Margaret together.
When he’s alone, what do we see is Claudio’s response to the news that Don John has just given him? Claudio responds to the news that Don John has just given him as he is in shock crushed and resigned to this new information. Immediately, Claudio gives up and accepts his fate.
To what does Benedick Compare Claudio? What is being suggested about Claudio? Benedick Compares Claudio to a blind man, cattle dealer, and a Schoolboy. It is being suggested that Claudio needs to man up as he is brave in battle, but a wimp in love.
How does Don Pedro tease Beatrice? What is Don Pedro’s opinion of Beatrice? Don Pedro then mocks Beatrice by proposing to Beatrice. Don Pedro’s opinion of Beatrice is that he admires Beatrice and believes that she has a merry heart.
How is Beatrice a foil or a contrast to Don John? How is Beatrice a foil for Hero? Beatrice contrast to Don Jon and that won’t both of them hurt people, their intentions are a different. Beatrice’s is accidental while the Don John’s is intentional. Beatrice is a foil and contrast to hero in that Beatrice is a loud outspoken person, while Hero is a shy and quiet person.
The war is over and this happy, harmonious time is celebrated with a masquerade ball. In what way is Don John’s presence an exception to the harmony? Don John’s presence is an exception to the Harmony and that Don Jon always stirs up trouble and casts a shadow with his dark manipulation.
Explain Borachio scheme to end the marriage plans of Claudio and Hero? What is Don John’s part in the plan? According to Borachio , why will Margaret cooperate in this? Borachio’s plan is to taint Hero’s character, to appear like a cheater, a loose woman before her wedding to Claudio. Don John’s part in the scheme will be to appear like he is innocent, as if he is helping Claudio to see the “truth” of Hero. Borachio then claims that Margaret will help in this because Margaret loves Borachio
What is the point of Benedict’s soliloquy? What does Benedick o as Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro enter? Why does he do this? The point of Benedict’s Soliloquy is that Benedick been moans Claudio’s new engagement. He starts dreaming of the perfect girl. When Leonato, Claudio, and Don Pedro enter Benedick hides. Benedick hides because he wants to avoid being caught talking about love and to avoid any wedding conversation.
Describe three things that convince Benedick that these men are telling the truth. The three things that convinced Benedict that the men are telling the truth is because they are serious and concerned, they seem to tell Hero’s testimony, and Leonato is a respectable governor.
When Beatrice announces dinner to Benedick, what is Benedick’s reaction to her comments? When Beatrice announces dinner to Benedict, Benedict at first looks for a double meaning and Benedick begins flirting while Beatrice is not.
What does Hero tell Margaret to do? What does Hero tell Ursula to do? To what animal does Hero compare Beatrice? Hero tells Margaret to get Beatrice outside. Hero then tells Ursula to be constantly praising Benedick. Hero then Compares Beatrice to a hawk, injured bird, and a fish.
How much truth is there in Hero’s criticism of Beatrice? For what reasons does Beatrice decide to return to Benedick’s love? There is a fair amount of Truth in Hero’s criticism of Beatrice. Beatrice decides to return to Benedict’s love to show she can prove her friends wrong.
Describe how Don Pedro and Claudio tease Benedick. Why does Benedick leave with Leonato? Don Pedro and Claudio tease Benedict by saying that he has a toothache, which Benedick has a dull and constant pain of great love towards Beatrice. Benedick then leaves with the Leonato to avoid the teasing and because he is serious about Beatrice, Benedick wants to talk to Leonato.
What does Don John mean when he says to Don Pedro and Claudio that Hero is, “Leonato’s Hero, your Hero, Every Man’s Hero? How does he propose to prove this? By Don John statement, he means that Hero is the woman everyone knows. There is a double meaning to the statement. Don John means that Hero is like every other unfithful woman. As a result, Don Jon proposes to prove his point and claims that Claudio can see for himself in the courtyard that very night that Hero is unfaithful.
Describe how Claudio and Don Pedro respond to Don John’s accusations against Hero. What do Claudio and Don Pedro plan to do if what Don John says is true? What is your opinion of Claudio and Don Pedro’s reaction? What was said earlier in the play to prepare the reader for this reaction of Claudio? Claudio and Don Pedro respond to Don John’s accusations against hero in shock. If what donjon says is true, they plan to shame Hero publicly at the wedding. In This Moment, Claudio has fallen for Don John’s trick without much convincing. This has happened before which made Claudio’s response predictable.
What is the job of the watch? What does Dogberry tell the guards to do if they have trouble? What do the members of the watch conclude? The job of the watch is to act as Watchman or security guards. Dogberry tells the guards that if there is trouble, they should just leave that person or people alone. The members of the watch dusk conclude that they should just sit on the church bench until 2 and then go off to bed.
How are Claudio and Don Pedro so easily fooled in the garden? Claudio and Don Pedro you are so easily fooled and that it is dark at night, they are a distance away, and they already have some doubt about Hero.
Why does Hero ask Margaret if she is not ashamed of what she had said? What is Margaret’s response? Hero asks Margaret if she is ashamed of herself because she believes it is disrespectful to man to claim that marriage brings more weight both emotionally and physically. Margaret response is that she claims she is telling the truth.
As Hero prepares to leave for the church at the end of this scene, what surprise awaits her? As hero prepares to leave the church at the end of this scene, she is about to be surprised with their not being a wedding.
Why does Leonato become impatient with Dogberry and Verges? Leonato becomes impatient with dogberry and verges because Dogberry talks in circles and never makes his point. In addition, Leonato is impatient as he is busy and is the Father of the Bride and host of The Wedding.
Explain what a malapropism is. Illustrate your definition with the following: discerns, odorous, excommunication. When Leonato says, “Neighbors, you are tedious,” how does Dogberry take this command? A malapropism is when a sentence contains a word that does not belong in the sentence. However, the incorrect word sounds very familiar to the word that would work correctly in a sentence. For example the word discerns would be a mistake for concerns, odorous would be a mistake for odious , and excommunication would be a mistake for examination. By Leonato statement, Dogberry takes this as a comment on his work.
After making a number of short comments, Claudio finally gets to his point. What does he say about the appearance of Hero and the reality of Hero? Claudio explains that the reality of Hero is that she is a beautiful orange that rots from the inside. Claudio then says Hero blushes from guilt, not modesty.
Once Leonato understands what Claudio means, what does he initially suppose caused Claudio to condemn Hero? Leonato at first assumes that Claudio is condemns there because she is no longer a virgin. Claudio then defends his accusations against Hero. Additionally, when Leonato turns to Don Pedro for help Don Pedro agrees with Claudio and confirms they saw Hero with another man at the night before.
Claudio tells us that he “shall lock up all the gates of Love.” Why will he do this? Claudio’s says it’s because he is crushed. Claudio believes that he is done with Hero and all women. Finally, Claudio does this because if Hero could fool him, who could he Trust.
Once leonato believes Heroe’s accusation, what is his reaction after she faints? What is the Friar’s opinion, and what is his suggestion? Once Leonato believes Hero’s accusation he lashes out at his own daughter and wishes she were dead. The friar believes hero and proposes a new scheme that they lie and pretend Hero is dead in order to uncover the truth.
What is Benedick’s reaction to Heroe’s accusation, and what is Beatrice’s reaction? How does Beatrice get Benedick to agree to be her instrument of Revenge? Benedick responds and confusion in suspects that it was Don John was behind a scheme. Beatrice response by being devastated for Hero. Beatrice then gets Benedick to be her instrument of Revenge by stating that if Benedick loves her he will kill Claudio.
Describe Leonato’s reaction to Claudio’s charge in the scene. In this scene, Leonardo’s reactions are a “emotional rollercoaster”. Leonardo is shocked, then Furious, then confused, and resigns to the Friar’s plan.
How does Dogberry’s limited knowledge of language add to the humor in this scene? Dogberry’s limited knowledge of language adds to the humor in that the harder Dogberry tries to be important and official, the goofyier it gets.
In the examination of the witnesses, what does Dogberry feel is most important? What is it about Dogberry that makes him a typical comic figure in Shakespearean comedy? Dogberry feels it’s most important that board called him the a word. What makes Dogberry a comical figure in a Shakespearean comedy is that he is a Goofy character where there is an irony of opposite and unexpected outcomes. Dogberry plays as one of great Authority, however he does not even know the basic skills such as speaking.
Describe what happens between Leonato, Antonio, Claudio, and Don Pedro. At first, Leonato confronts Claudio with the news of Heroes death. Claudio is heartless. Next Leonardo challenges Claudio to a duel. However, Claudio refuses to duel with Leonato’s old age. As a result, there is an exchange of words and threats but no swords are drawn.
How does Don Pedro and Claudio first react to Benedick’s challenge? What does Don Pedro mean when he says, “What a pretty thing man is when he goes in his doublet and hose and leaves off his wit!”? Don Pedro and Claudio first react by Benedict’s challenge in shock and take it as a joke. By Don Pedro’s statement, he means that Benedick may look smart or sharp, but other things have caused him to lose his mind.
How does Don Pedro mock Dogberry? Don Pedro mocks Dogberry by mixing up his (Don Pedro’s) numbers in the same way as Dogberry does.
Why does Borachio so readily confess his villainy? What is Don Pedro and Claudio’s first reaction to this news? Borachio confesses his villainy because he hopes to lesson his punishment for causing trouble. Don Pedro and Claudio respond in devastation that the news is “poison” to their minds
What personal insult by Borachio does Dogberry insist be noted? What makes his insistence on this point so comical and ironic? Dogberry insists that it be recorded that Borachio called him the A word. The irony of this, is that the more Dogberry talks about it, the more it’s true.
when Borachio says that he alone killed Hero, what is Leonato’s sarcastic response? Leonardo Mocks Borachio by stating Don Pedro and Claudio are noble gentleman for their Brave Deeds.
For Claudio to make amends, what does Leonato require of Claudio? How guilty is Margaret in the conspiracy? In your opinion, how guilty is Claudio when he says, “…Yet sinned I not but in mistaking.” In order to make amends Claudio must do three things. He must publicly mourn and sing Hero’s Praises, he must hang an Epitaph at Hero’s grave, and he must marry Another Hero. In the conspiracy, Margaret can be seen to be guilty while at the same time being innocent. Why this statement Claudio is guilty to some degree, however there is some truth in his statement.
When Benedick says he was not born under a rhyming planet, of what is he complaining? Benedick complains that his words cannot woo a woman as he is not good with them. This affects his attempt to write a love sonnet to Beatrice.
What is Beatrice’s greatest concern when she meets Benedick? What is Benedick’s response? What news does Ursula bring? Beatrice’s greatest concern is whether Benedick fulfilled his promise. Benedick response by explaining the only “foul words” were said between him and Claudio. Ursula then brings news stating that Don John is guilty and that Hero’s reputation has been restored.
What is the number one question to be answered in order to resolve all misunderstandings before this scene and the play? The number one question to be answer to resolve all understanding is to find out who is at fault.
At the wedding scene, why does Claudio not immediately recognize Hero? How does this masking of Hero, and ultimate unmasking a Hero, fit in with the plays Major theme? Claudio does not immediately recognize hero due to the fact that she is wearing a bridal veil. This idea fits with a plays theme of “things are not as they seem” as it is about outward appearance versus inward reality.
What resolution awaits Beatrice and Benedick? At the end, both of them learned that they were tricked into love. However, even after finding out the truth Benedick and Beatrice remain a couple and are too soon be married.