much ado about nothing test

where have Don Pedro, Claudio, and Benedick been at war, overall they were successful and suffered minor loses
about whom does Beatrice ask? why? Beatrice asks about Benedick because she has a feud with him and she also cares about him at the same time
who was defeated in the war? how does Don Pedro treat the loser? why? Don John was defeated in the warDon Pedro forgives his brother
how do Beatrice and Benedick treat each other? what conclusions can you draw about their relationship Beatrice and Benedick have a strong disliking for each other. based on Beatrice’s reactions to what Benedick says she probably thinks he’s stuck up. overall it seems they are enemies with a touch of care
in whom is Claudio interested and why? How does Benedick feel about her Claudio is interested in HeroBenedick thinks that she’s average nothing special
what does Don Pedro want to happen to Benedick to fall in love
when Claudio talks to Don Pedro about Hero he shows he is interested in Hero more than her looks and personality. What else motivates him he is motived from the emptiness from the war being over, he loved her before but he didn’t get time to register it so he didn’t realize it until now
what offer do Don Pedro makes to Claudio don pedro offers to disguise himself as Claudio and woe Hero for him because he is too scared to
what does Antonio learn from eavesdropping Antonio thinks he has learned the prince loves Hero but it is actually Claudio who does
Don John, the comedy’s villain, is no exception how is he villainous as of act 1? because he plans to break up Claudio and Hero due to his bad nature
what information is obtained by eavesdropping does Borachio bring Don John delivers the info that the prince is helping Claudio woe Hero
what resolution does Don John make Don John decides to be mean to Claudio and by doing this it will also make him less “sad”
what humorous comment does Beatrice make about Don John Beatrice make the humorous comment that she gets heart burn for an hour after she sees him
what kind of man does Beatrice consider ideal no one basically due to the comment she made about the beardsgood leg and a good footbetween Benedick and Don John personality wise
what advice does Beatrice offer Hero says to play a little hard to get, don’t go too fast
what does Leonato instruct Hero to do he instructs Hero to say yes to the prince if he asks her to marry
who pairs off at the party Don Pedro (who’s pretending to be Claudio) and HeroBalthasar and MargaretUrsla and Antonio
at the party does Beatrice recognize Bendick in spite his mask? if so how does she use this knowledge to her advantage yespretends to know that it is not him then insults him directly since he can’t say anything since he’s pretending to be someone else
what lie does Don John tell Claudio? how does Claudio react? what does it show about Claudio tells him that the prince woes for himselfClaudio believes him and is jealous–>shows that he is sensitive, insecure, and gullible
what does Benedick suggest Claudio do make a decision and hide his sorrow
how does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults he is greatly woundedwhen she starts to approach Don Pedro and Hero and himself he asks to be sent away but then leaves because Don Pedro refuses
what happens when Beatrice tells Don Pedro that Claudio is jealous everything is worked out and Claudio finds out that hero is his and he’s not jealous any more
what does don Pedro ask Beatrice? How does she reply? Don Pedro asks her if she’d be willing to marry himshe says no she’s meant for working, he’s to expensive for her= declines politely which is a little out of character
what plan does Don Pedro concoct and whose help does he enlist plans to get Beatrice and Benedick to fall in love with each otherasks Leonato Claudio and Hero’s help
how are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John complete opposites one plans on getting together two peopleother plans on ripping two people apart
what kind of woman appeals to Benedick fair, wise, virtuous, mild temper, noble, musician
Don Pedro, Claudio, and Leonato arrange for Benedick to eavesdrop on them as singer performs. The song’s lyrics suggest that men routinely practice deception. Who has doe this so far Leonato was deceived by the prince’s plansdon john has deceived them all when he tried to mess with Hero and Claudio’s relationship
what does Benedick overhear? why does he believe it? overhears that Beatrice loves himbelieves it because his friends “got it” from Hero, who’s Beatrice’s best friend
what resolve does Benedick make based on his eavesdropping concludes that he should be a better man and starts to truly like Beatrice
what trick is played on Beatrice Hero and Margaret make her believe that Benedick loves her
what does Beatrice resolve to do return Benedick’s love
what physical ailment troubles Benedick tooth ache
how and why has Benedick changed his appearance? tidied up a little- shaved his beard all because of Beatrice’s likes and dislikes and because she likes him too
what conclusion does Don Pedro and Claudio draw from Benedick’s new appearance he’s in love
what does Don John tell don Pedro and Claudio says that Hero is disloyal
what decision do Claudio and Don Pedro make and why they will expose Hero at the wedding
who are Dogberry and Verges? What stereotype do they represent police and 2nd in commandmen of lower class aren’t that smart
what is the watch’s job that night to make sure nothing happens that would affect the wedding
what is Borachio’s main vice paid to do evil
what does Borachio tell Conrad, what happens when Borachio finishes his story tells him that he deceived Claudio and don Pedro, etc.and at end gets arrested
as the women prepare for the wedding what do they discuss what Hero is going to wear
what is wrong with Beatrice and what does she think is wrong with Margaret’s diagnosis sick with coldbelieves Margaret’s diagnosis has a double meaning
why have Dogberry and Verges come to see Leonato? how does Leonato react tell them they have caught a great thiefLeonato is happy they caught him
what does Claudio do at his wedding told everyone that Hero is not a maiden anymore
at first what does Leonato assume has happened when Claudio asserts that Hero is not a virgin Leonato assumes that Claudio and Hero went a little farther than intended but it doesn’t matter since they are to be married
who sides with Claudio Don John Don Pedro and Leonato
how does Hero try to defend herself? What happens next? Hero tries to convey that she doesn’t know what they are talking about and how can you convict a person with only an accusation, she ends up passing out
does anyone believe Hero’s innocence yes, Beatrice, Benedick and the friar
whom does Leonato believe Claudio and Don Pedro over his own daughter
who is willing to give Hero the benefit of the doubt the friar
who sees Don John as the probable cause of this problem? what does it show about him?/ Benedick, shows he truly believes Hero is innocent
what plan does Friar Francis concoct stage hero’s deathmake Claudio feel guiltyhave him marry Hero’s cousin who is actually heroif all else fails send her to a convent
how does the interaction of Beatrice and Benedick in this scene differ from their earlier conversations Beatrice is at a point of vulnerability and Benedick isn’t abusing her like she did to him at the mask ball
when Benedick tells Beatrice that he will do anything for her what request does she make? how does he react? she asks him to challenge Claudio to a duelhe says no at first but then agrees because he wants to prove he loves her
what does the sexton discover during his interrogation of Conrade and Borachio discovered that what Claudio and Don Pedro saw was staged
what had Don John done Don John was the one who staged it and now has left Messina
how does Conrade upset Dogberry calls him a curse word
how does Dogberry defend himself asks if he respects his titles and accuses himself of the said curse word
what advice does Antonio give to Leonato, how does Leonato react to this advice tells him to stop grievingbasically says it’s a lot easier said than done
when Claudio and don Pedro enter what do Antonio and Leonato want to do want to fight Claudio
how does Don Pedro react to the challenge stands by what they saw
when Benedick answers what does Claudio ask from him asks if he can lighten the mood with his wit
what metaphor does Benedick use for his cleverness says that his with is like a sword and right now it is sheathed
who realizes that Benedick is in a serious mood Claudio
what does Benedick want from Claudio he wants to duel him
how does Don Pedro attempt to distract Benedick tries to distract him with a story about Beatrice
how does Benedick plan to alter his relationship with Don Pedro plans to leave his court
what news from Benedick surprises Don Pedro surprised his brother has ran away
of what does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrade of being “lying knaves”
what is ironic about Dogberry’s response to Borachio and Conrade because he says “plaintiffs” but means defendant and says “reformed” instead of informed
how does Claudio feel when he hears Borachio’s confession he starts to fell guilty
how does Borachio demonstrate that he is not all bad protects Margaret from being caught in this
what offer does Claudio make to Leonato, how does Leonato respond Claudio offers Leonato punish him for causing his daughters death. But Leonato asks him to write and sing a poem to Hero then marry his brother’s daughter