Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide

The messenger tells Leonato someone will be arriving in Messina. Who is coming? Don Pedro of Aragon
Beatrice questions the messenger about someone. Whom? Benedick
Who is fighting a “merry war”? Beatrice & Benedick
Describe Beatrice’s greeting to Benedick. She is very sarcastic and somewhat rude.
How long does Don Pedro and his company plan on staying? 1 month
Who is Don John? Don Pedro’s brother; Villain
Who catches Claudio’s eye? Hero
What is it that Benedick swears will never happen to him? he will never marry or fall in love
Where has Claudio spent time before coming to Messina? war
What does Don pedro intend to do for Claudio? Woo Hero/ Find him a wife
Who is Antonio? Leonato’s brother
What does Antonio claimed to have learned from one of his servants? Don Pedro intends to woo Hero
What is Leonato’s reaction to the news? He is flattered that a noble man wants to woo her
What are Don John’s true feelings to his brother? hatred
Who is Borachio? Don John’s assistant; in love with Margaret
What news does Borachio bring? Don Pedro intends to woo Hero for Count Claudio
What does Don John plan regarding Claudio and Hero? Why? Make Hero seem dishonorable, He’ll do anything to hurt his brother
Who is not at supper? Don John
For what does Beatrice say she is thankful for every night? She doesn’t have to be tied down to a husband
Where does Beatrice say that an unmarried woman should go? to hell and then the devil would send her away
What kind of party is Leonato hosting? Masquerade
How does Beatrice further insult Benedick at the party? She says he’s the joker to the prince, pretending she doesn’t know its him she’s talking to.
How does Don John feed false information to Claudio? he pretends to be Singior Benedick
Who does Caludio become angry with after Don John shares what he has “heard”? Don Pedro
What hint does Beatrice drop about the possible reason for her treatment of Benedick? He had her heart for a while, but then he hurt her
What news does Don Pedro bring to Caludio? Hero’s hand has been won in marriage
What plan does Don Pedro begin to concoct? to bring Beatrice and Benedick back together
What plan does Borachio devise that pleases Don John? Will use Margaret to discredit Hero in Claudio’s eyes
What does Don John promise if it works? One thousand ducats
What information does Don John want? The wedding date
Why did Benedick send Margaret to get a book from his room? He wants to be alone with his brooding about Claudio
What changes in Claudio’s behavior does Benedick notice? has not shaved, listening to chamber music, stay up late, fashioning clothes, speaking and writing poetically
What does Benedick blame for the changes in Claudio? He has fallen in love with Hero
What qualities must a women have for Benedick to even consider marrying her? Rich, virtuous, wise, fair, mild, noble, good at conversation, musician
What story do Don Pedro, Balthasar, and Claudio tell Benedick when he’s hiding? They say Beatrice is in love with him
What knowledge do they have that Benedick is not aware of? They know he is hiding
What is Benedick’s reaction to the news? He is shocked and decides he loves her too.
What plan have Hero, Margaret, and Ursula agreed to participate in? Make Beatrice believe Benedick is in love with her
Why does Hero say they can’t tell Beatrice of his “affections”? She will mock and scorn him
What is Beatrice’s reaction? She loves him too
Where is Don Pedro heading after the wedding? back home to Aragon
What excuse does Benedict give for his melancholy behavior? he claims he has a toothache
What do Don Pedro and Claudio claim is “wrong” with Benedick? he’s in love
What changes has Benedick made in his appearance? Shaves and wears cologne
What false news does Don John bring to Don Pedro and Claudio? Hero is a loose woman
How does Don John plan to prove this? Bring them to her window, wear Margaret will be wearing her clothes
What does Claudio plan to do if he finds out Hero is inappropriately have relations with other men? call her out and refuse to marry her in front of the whole wedding crowd
Who is Dogberry? head of the guard
What do we notice about Dogberry’s and Verge’s speeches? misuses words and sentences don’t make sense
How does Dogberry instruct his men to deal with any wrongdoers? put them in jail
What do the watchmen overhear? Don John’s plan
Describe Beatrice’s mood with Hero and Margaret. How does Hero contribute? She is sick and Hero says she is just lovesick
What was the verbal banter among the women as they prepared for the wedding? Made sexual puns
What does Dogberry tell Leonato to do? what is his response? To look at the scoundrels arrested outside of his house; he says he is too busy
What is Claudio’s response when the Friar asks if he has come to be married? he says “no”
What does Claudio call Hero? a rotten orange
What is Claudio’s accusation against Hero? unfaithful to him with Borachio
How does Hero react to these claims against her? first, she denies them then she faints
How does Leonato react? he believes it, disowns her, and wishes her dead.
Who defends Hero? the Friar
Who does Benedick suspect is behind all this? Don John
What is the plan Friar creates? say she died and keep her hidden and people would feel guilty
What confession does Beatrice make to Benedick? says she loves him
What request does Beatrice make of Benedict? kill Claudio
Of what crimes does Dogberry accuse Borachio and Conrad? perjury for calling Don John a villian
What does Don John do after Hero is accused? “secretly steals away” from Messina
What does Sexton suggest Dogberry do with the prisoners? Take them before Leonato
For what “virtues” does Dogberry claim he should be respected? he thinks he is wise, rich, and handsome
What advice does Antonio give his brother? Make those who caused grief suffer
Why does Leonato challenge Claudio to a duel? for wrongdoing his innocent daughter
How does Antonio defend Leonato? also challenges Claudio to a duel
Why does Benedick challenge Claudio to a duel too? to prove his love for Beatrice
How does Don Pedro attempt to diffuse the tension? By teasing Benedick about Beatrice’s behavior (which only makes things worse)
What news does Claudio learn from Borachio? it was him and Margaret, not Hero
What does Claudio claim as his only sin? that he mistook Margaret for Hero
What does Leonato insist Claudio do to restore Hero’s honor? 1. Publicly admit he was wrong2. Hang an epitaph on Hero’s tomb proclaiming her innocence3. Marry his “niece” that looks like Hero
Why does Beatrice want to know what happened? She is hoping Benedick killed Claudio
What does Claudio do at Hero’s tomb? read a poem he wrote for her
Who sings a hymn in Hero’s honor? Balthasar
Who does Leonato say were completely innocent? Hero, Don Pedro, & Claudio
Besides Don John, who does Leonato decide is also partly to blame? Margaret
What does Leonato instruct the women to do when Claudio arrives for the wedding ceremony? Come in wearing masks
How does Don Pedro describe Benedick’s expression when he and Claudio enter? “February face, so full of frost, or storm & cloudiness.”
What does Claudio discover once the wedding party enters? Hero is not dead and all is forgiven
What “evidence” do Claudio and Hero produce as proof that Beatrice and Benedick love each other? Love letters they wrote each other