Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare

Beatrice -Leonato’s neice and hero’s cousin-she has a sharp tongue but appears vulnerable – generous and loving – mocks people with her jokes by using puns-used to be in love with Benedick but now the insult each other-example of Shakespeare’s powerful female character- refuses to get married because she doesnt like submission
benedick -an aristocratic soldier (recently returned from war)-a friend of Don Pedro and Claudio-very witty-likes to make jokes-the entertainer in the play (hyperbole)
Claudio – a young soldier – falls in love with hero-has a suspicious nature
hero -the beautiful young daughter of Leonato and cousin of Beatrice-lovely, gentle and kind-falls in love with Claudio
don pedro -important noblemen from aragon-referred to as “prince”- longtime friend with Leonato; heros father-generous, courteous, intelligent, and loving-hasty to take revenge- socially and politically powerful-most elusive- uses his powers positively= convinces beatrice and benedick that each is in love with the other
leonato -respected elderly noble-lives in messina, italy and hes the governor -father of hero, uncle of beatrice -second in social power
the plays language is full of… metaphors and rhetoric. high and sophisticated language to make them seem clever without making an effort.
who provides the comic relief? dogberry and verges provide welcome comic relief amid don johns evil plotting
dogberry often mispronounces things “comparisons are odorous” is supposed to say ” comparisons are odious”
with the wedding scene(the climax of the play) the tone takes an abrupt turn, plunging from high comedy into tragedy
beatrice finally admits her love to Benedick “I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.”
although hero is not really dead, Leonato grieves as if she were, because she has lost her reputation
the revelation of borachios crime to claudio and the rest marks a turning point in the play
don johns deception has led inexorably to claudios rejection of hero, darkening the plays atmosphere of lighthearted comedy
the final scene brings the play to a joyous conclusion, drawing it away from the tragedy toward which it had begun to move and letting everyone wind up safe and sound
the final dance symbolizes the restoration of order and happiness in a world that has been thrown into chaos by don johns accusation and don pedro and claudios rash action
claudios writing and reading of an epitaph at heros tomb seems to create a sense of closure, in relation to his false accusation of hero and her supposed death
who is the most socially powerful person in the play don pedro
what does the “savage bull” symbolize? the man unwilling to marry
what is Balthasar’s song in Act II, Scene iii about? the infidelity(unfaithfulness) of men
what term best describes Dogberry’s verbal comedy? Malapropism
why is it necessary for hero to seem to die? because her reputation has been publicly tarnished
have Benedick and Beatrice courted before? yes, but Benedick left her
how do don pedro and claudio make benedick fall in love with beatrice? they have him overhear their conversation in which they assert that she is in love with him
when what this play probably first performed? 1599
what makes claudio realize that he wrongly accused hero? Borachio’s confession of don johns plot
which character is sad at the end of the play? don pedro
why is margaret mistaken for hero? she is wearing hero’s clothes
to whom does don pedro propose marriage beatrice
which two characters write two love sonnets? beatrice and benedick
what does leonato’s household do to punish claudio for shaming hero? he pretends hero is dead and challenges claudio to a duel
who discovers don johns evil plot? the watch
why does claudio reject hero at the altar? he thinks she cheated on him and lost her virginity
who is said to be “an ass”? lol (sorry for the language) Dogberry
what reason does don john give his sullenness? its in his nature
who carries out don johns plan? borachio and margaret
what does don john want? to ruin claudio
who is leonato? heros father
at the beginning of the play, what is beatrice’s relationship to benedick? enemy
how does claudio woo hero? he doesnt; don pedro does
where and when does the play take place? sicily, sixteenth century
who refuses to marry in the beginning of the play? Benedick and Beatrice
what date do we celebrate shakespeares birth? april 23, 1564
where was shakespeare born? stratford
what date was shakespeare baptized? april 26, 1564
in what year did shakespeare marry and who did he marry in that year? 1582, Anne hathaway
names of shakespeares children and their years of birth hamnet(1585) susana (1583) judith (1585)
shakespeare was a founding member of what theatrical group? Lord Chamberlains men
What is an Aside? when a character in a play talks to him/herself. something very short and something that no one but the audience can hear. (the other characters pretend not to hear it lol)
what is a soliloquy? When a character is talking to him/herself about his/her feelings. audience hears it so that they know the characters feelings.
dramatic irony
situational irony the opposite of what you expect happens
epistrophe rhetorical device often used in persuasive speech. the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of a clause. ( one woman is beautiful, yet i am well, another virtuous, yet i am well…)- Benedick
things that are always included in elizabethan comedy -light hearted tone (not serious)-mistaken identities-multiple plot lines- use of puns -a clever fool (dogberry)- a conflict between propriety vs debauchery -young lovers who overcome obstacles to be together -ALWAYS a happy ending
propriety accepted proper moral or behavior. codes of conduct.
debauchery loose, sexual, crazy
most quoted line from Much Ado? “everyone can master a grief but he that has it.” – Benedick
Archetypal character the basic character, cookie cutter character
malapropism when you misuse words (dogberry)
3 types of songs used in play lamentdittylove song
lament songs of woe from lose of loved one (sad)
ditty witty, playful with sexual innuendos
love song son of love written to woo
archetypal characters in comedy hero (boy/girl)villian clown
Iambic pentameter series of unstressed and stressed syllable to create a rhythmic patter in writing
four main themes in Much Ado? 1. star crossed lovers2. misinterpretation3. human nature- conflicts/emotions4. deceit
assonance resembling vowel sounds in a line
onomatopoeia words with sounds imitating their meaning
cuckold a man whose wife has been unfaithful towards him, and to show his shame, he wears a pair of horns on his head
shakespeare married Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582. she was 26 and he was 18