Much Ado About Nothing: Day 1 Questions~Shakespeare

What does the word “ado” mean? Ado means, fuss, especially about something unimportant.
Paraphrase the title of the play: There is a lot of fuss about nothing.
What does the title mean? The title means that there is a fuss about something unimportant.
When was the play written? This play, Much Ado About Nothing, was written in 1598.
What kind of play is it (tragedy, comedy, drama, etc.)? This play, Much Ado About Nothing is a romance.
Who wrote the play? Much Ado About Nothing was written by William Shakespeare.
Who is Beatrice? Beatrice – Beatrice, Leonato’s daughter, is a kind hearted person who is generous and loving but often gets into arguments with Benedict and eventually wages a war of wits. She has a free spirit but doesn’t believe in marriage.
Who is Benedick? Benedick – Benedick is a soldier returning from battle. He is often at odds with Beatrice and also vows never to get married.
Who is Claudio? Claudio – A young naive soldier who falls in love with Hero and believes false rumors.
Who is Hero? Hero – The niece of Leonato who falls in love with Claudio She suffers terribly when she is slandered by Don John.
Who is Don John? Don John – An evil man who happens to be Don Pedro’s half brother. He is often referred to as “The Bastard”.
Who is Don Pedro? Don Pedro – A generous, courteous, intelligent, and loving man who is half-brother to Don John.
Who is Leonato? Leonato – The father of Hero and a respected, well-to-do, elderly noble who is Governor and lives in Messina, Italy.
Summarize the play. Leonato is a nobleman who lives in Messina, Italy. Leonato resides with his daughter, Hero, brother, Antonia, and niece, Beatrice. Leonato is having Claudio, Don Pedro, Don John and Benedick over after the war. Don John is a sullen, bitter, and a trouble maker. The soldiers enter Leonarto’s home, Claudio falls in love with Hero. Meanwhile, Beatrice and Benedick resume with their bickering. Claudio and Hero then decide to get married. To pass the time until the wedding, which is in a week, Claudio and Hero try to get Benedick and Beatrice together, since they would be a cute couple. Claudio and Hero are successful, and Beatrice and Benedict secretly fall in love with each other. Don John has decided to cause commotion, and disrupt the current happiness by convincing his companion to make love to Margaret, in the evening. Don John brings Claudio to watch, Claudio believes in the scheme and thinks Hero has cheated on him with Borachio. Claudio humiliates Hero on their wedding day by abandoning her at the alter. Hero’s family pretends Hero is dead so that people do not believe that Hero cheated on Caudio. Beatrice and Benedict finally confess their love for one another, but only to find Borachio boasting about what he had done to Hero. Dogberry and Verges the heads of the local police overhear Borachio and arrest him. Now that the townspeople have found Hero’s innocence, Claudio hears the rumor of Hero’s death, and grieves for her. Leonato introduces Claudio to his “niece” and when she reveals herself, she is Hero. Claudio us surprised and grateful that Hero is alive, and agree with Beatrice and Benedict to have a double wedding.
What does the Shakespearean Phrase “I learn in this letter” translated into Modern English? “I learn in this letter” becomes “According to this letter”.
What does the Shakespearean Phrase “But few of any sort, and none of names” translated into Modern English? “But few of any sort, and none of names” becomes “Not many, and no one important”.
What does the Shakespearean Phrase “But, brother, I can tell you strange news that you yet dream not of” translated into Modern English? “But, brother, I can tell you strange news that you yet dream not of” becomes “But brother, I have some strange news for you”
How is “love” a theme discussed in the play? Love- Love is present in the story in two case scenarios. One way its present is when Claudio and Hero fell in love with each other at Leonardo’s gathering. Beatrice and Benidick also fell in love with each other even though they fought a lot.
How is “deception” a theme discussed in the play? Deception- Leonato is a bad person. He deceives everyone and tells them that Hero was cheating on Claudio.
How is “trust” a theme discussed in the play? Trust- Trust was a theme that not a lot of characters did. Claudio trusted Leonato in saying that Hero cheated on him. Also all of the townspeople believed it to.
How are “rumors” a theme discussed in the play? Rumors- Don John was being deceiving and started to spread rumors saying that Hero was cheating on Claudio. This led to Claudio not wanting to marry Hero anymore.
How are “peoples reputations” a theme discussed in the play? Reputation- The theme reputation is described at the wedding of Claudio and Hero. Leonato spread rumors that Hero was cheating on Claudio. At the wedding Claudio declined the marriage. Hero’s reputation got ruined because it was said if you were to do anything inappropriate before marriage that your social standing and reputation would go down.