much ado about nothing crossword

Signor Benedick hails from this city in Northern Italy Padua
a musician in don Pedro’s company Balthasar
leonato’s kind and beautiful daughter, with whom Claudio falls in love Hero
Province in Italy which is home to Leonato and his family Messina
leonato’s niece and Hero’s cousin. She is good-humored and witty, yet also loving. Her exchanges with Benedick are clever and funny Beatrice
the constable of messina, who is in charge of the night watch. he has some comic speeches which confuse some characters with malapropisms dogberry
Claudio is from this city in Tuscany florence
one of don Pedro’s soldiers. he is witty in trading insults with Beatrice, and, although he vows not to, he succumbs to love and marries signor Benedick
when others talk about the ______, they mean Don Pedro prince
Borachio confides the details of the plot to ruin Hero with this fellow soldier Conrade
the play begins with news of the arrival of this prince of Aragon who is returning from the war don Pedro
the priest who is an officiate at the wedding of hero and Claudio. he believes that Hero is innocent, and he suggests pretending that she is dead friar Francis
province in northeastern Spain which is home to don Pedro aragon
one of the female servants in leonato’s household. she is seen with man at hero’s window by Claudio and Don Pedro, and they mistake her for Hero Margaret
don John is often referred to as the ________ by other characters bastard
one of hero’s gentlewomen. she is a part of the plot to deceive Beatrice into believing that Benedick loves her ursula
governor of messina and father of hero, a respectable elderly nobleman leonato
dogberry’s deputy constable verges
a soldier who connives with don John, using his relationship with Margaret to make it appear that Hero has betrayed Claudio borachio
don pedro’s illegitimate brother, a surly trouble-maker, who is the villain of the play don john
leonato’s brother and hero’s uncle Antonio
a young man who fought in the war with don Pedro. on his return, he falls in love with hero. he is often very quick to leap to negative conclusions about other characters count Claudio
a public official who records the testimony at the trial of Conrade and Borachio sexton