Much Ado About Nothing Character Quotes

Beatrice says she will not marry. “Cannot endure to hear tell of a husband”
Beatrice speaks directly. “Kill Claudio”
Benedick seems to occupy Beatrice’s thoughts but she never directly addresses that fact. Act 1 “Signior Mountanto” (suggesting he has a big head)
Beatrice talks openly and insults Benedick (metaphor). “a disease”
There is a sense of dislike between Benedick and Beatrice. “he is no less than a stuffed man” The phrase “stuffed man” is ambiguous in which Beatrice is implying Benedick is full of himself but it could mean that he is like a dummy. There is no difficulty in pushing him around.
Beatrice can be tricked. Act 3 scene 1, she is compared to a “lap wing”, Her actions are sneaky when listening in the orchard.
Beatrice is loyal towards Hero. “O, on my soul, my cousin is belied” (familiar love) They both support each other.
Benedick is comical when talking about love. Act 2 Scene 3 “I will be horribly in love with her” It seems preposterous that someone would fall “horribly” in love.
Benedick is love sick. Act 3 scene 2 “I have the toothache”
Benedick is easily tricked. “stalk on the fowl sits” Benedick is easily tricked and eventually captured. Because he is easily lured, it suggests he has felt this way before.
Benedick exposes tenderness towards Beatrice. Act 4 scene 1 “Lady Beatrice have you wept all this while?”
When Beatrice demands Benedick to kill Claudio, there is a clear theme of the two dominant sexes. Benedick supports the sex he believes is more dominant. “Ha! not for the wide world”
Claudio fought well in the war, referencing to youth where he was a brave soldier despite his age. “he hath borne himself beyond the promise of his age”
Claudio falls in love with Hero. “can the world by such a jewel?” (metaphor, representing women as property)
Claudio is unsure if Hero has been disloyal. “If I see anything…I shame her” The noun “if” implies the uncertainty.
Claudio denounces Hero at the wedding. Act 4 “Her blush is guiltiness not modesty” outer beauty is concealing the corruption within.
Claudio believes Hero is rotten inside but is disguised by her beauty. “Give not this rotten orange to your friend!” (metaphor)
Claudio can be immature. At the wedding he is abrupt “NO”
Hero can be controlled by her father, Leonato. “And I will break with her and with her father”Don Pedro (as Claudio) needs her father’s approval to proceed with the wedding.
Hero speaks beautifully. “whisper her ear”
Hero is considerate of Beatrice’s love life. “There thou prickest her with a thistle”
Hero is denounced and is called a slag. “the lady is disloyal” Euphemism is used in which disloyal is substituted for slag.