Much Ado about Nothing` Character quiz

Leanato Governor​ of Messina Hero’s father, Beatrice’s Uncle and host for the play’s events.`Leanato’s house
He`ro Leanato’s daughter in love with Claudio and wrongfully accused of being unchasteLeanato’s house
Beatrice` Leanato’s niece and Hero’s cousin she is admired for being intelligentLeanato’s house
Margeret Hero’s gentle women Leanato’s house
Don pedro Prince of aragon and close friend of beneidck and claudioMillatary group
DOn john Don pedros illegitimate brother a villan who ostrocizes himselfMillatary group
Borachio A drunken follower of don jon he plots against the marrige of hero and claudioMillatary group
beneidck a comic hero who with a dazziling wit has vowed never to marry he is tricked into falling in love with beatriceMillatary group
Claudio Young man friend of benindick he quickly falls in love with hero and he becomes engaged to marry hermillatary group
Dogberry A local constable who brings the truth to light despite his ignorance and comic blunders
Verges dogbery’s sidecick and deputy constable
sexton the local judge
friar francis believes hero is innocent hatches plan to clear her name and performs the marrige ceremony of claudio and hero