Much Ado About Nothing Character Analysis

Beatrice Beatrice is Hero’s best friend and she has a very strong personality. Additionally, she is the cousin to Hero.
Don Pedro Prince of Aragon. Everyone loves him. He is the main character.
Claudio Don Pedros main companion. In love with Hero.
Leonato Governor of Messina and father to Hero
Benedick Don Pedros officer that also has a strong personality but in the end yearns for love and affection.
Don John Don Pedros half brother. Disliked and dishonored by many. Bad-guy in story.
Hero Hero is one of the main characters. Falls in love with Claudio. Fakes her death amid accusations made about her. Eventually marry Claudio.
Antonio Brother of Leonato.
Borachio Companion to Don John.
Margaret Friend of Hero but is used to trick Claudio and Don Pedro that Hero is a cheater
Conrad Companion to Don John
Verges Sidekick to Dogberry
Dogberry Night watch that has a inflated view of his self importance.