Much Ado About Nothing: Act 4 Questions

Why does Claudio publicly shame Hero at the wedding? After seeing what he thought was Hero being disloyal, Claudio thinks the wedding is all a set up to steal his title. (It is a big deal to find out the woman he is marrying is not a virgin as promised)
“Give not this rotten orange to your friend.”Speaker and Meaning? Claudio says this as he throws Hero back at Leonato. He says Hero is like an orange, beautiful/honorable on the outside, but rotten in the inside.
What two goddesses does Claudio compare Hero to? 1. Hero looks like Diana – the goddess of the moon (represents purity and virginity/innocence)2. Hero is actually Venus – the goddess of love (represents how Hero is going around making love with other men)
Who says: “Hath no man’s dagger here a point for me?” Leonato – he is so upset about what happens at the wedding that he wants to kill himself.
Who does Benedick suspect is behind the crime? Don John
What is an example of appearance vs. reality in scene 1? Hero appears disloyal to the public, but is actually innocent (a virgin).
What is the friar’s plan? To pretend Hero is dead.This will shift the gossip from Hero’s sex-life to Hero’s death and buy them time to figure out what is happening/how they are going to fix things.
What is Shakespeare saying about love? Love is the riskiest thing in life.(shown through Benedick and Beatrice – Benedick is going to challenge Claudio to prove he loves Beatrice)
Why is Beatrice upset? 1. She knows Hero is innocent and she feels guilty not sleeping with her (was not her alibi). 2. She does not like how women do not have any power.
What favor does Beatrice ask of Benedick? To kill Claudio
Who is the Sexton? The man who interrogates Borachio and Conrade
Who do Dogberry, Verges, and the Sexton interrogate? Borachio and Conrade
What does the Sexton find out from Borachio and Conrade’s interrogation? Don John is a villain and Borachio and Conrade are “not gentlement”.
Why is it dramatic irony that Conrade calls Dogberry an ass? Dogberry does not think he is an ass, but we know he really is.