Much Ado About Nothing: Act 3, Scene 2: Claudio

Part 1 …toward Arragon C: I’ll bring you thither, my lord, if you’ll vouchsafe me.
Part 2 …you are sadder C: I hope he be in love.
Part 3 …Hang it! C: You must hang it first and draw it afterwards.
Part 4 …he that has it C: Yet say I, he is in love.
Part 5 …have it appear he is C: If he be not in love with some woman, there is no believing the old signs: a’ brushes his hat o’ mornings; what should that bode?
Part 6 …at the barber’s C: No, but the barber’s man hath been seen with him, and the old ornament of his cheek hath already stuffed tennis-balls.
Part 7 …smell him out by that? C: That’s as much as to say, the sweet youth’s in love.
Part 8 …it is his melancholy. C: And when was he wont to wash his face?
Part 9 …what they say of him. C: Nay, but his jesting spirit; which is now crept a lute-string and now governed by stops.
Part 10 …he is in love. C: Nay, but I know who loves him.
Part 11 …that knows him not Yes, and his ill conditions; and, in despite of all, dies for him.