Much Ado About Nothing Act 3

She wants Margaret to bring Beatrice to her, tell her we were talking about her As the scene opens, what does Hero tell Margaret her job is regarding Beatrice?
Benedick and his passionate love for Beatrice Hero tells Ursula that when Beatrice is near, they must only talk about…
She is self-centered and cannot love Why does Hero think it’s important not to reveal, to Beatrice, Benedick’s love for her?
She loves him back Briefly describe how Beatrice responds upon overhearing that Benedick loves her?
He is lovesick for Beatrice, He shaved his beard, wearing cologne, washing his face Briefly describe how Benedick has “changed.”
He wanted to ask about marrying Beatrice – he needed Leonato’s permission Why do you think Benedick wants to speak with Leonato in private?
She’s disloyal What does Don John tell Don Pedro and Claudio about Hero?
They are going to shame her on her wedding day What are Claudio and Don Pedro going to do to Hero if what Don John has said about her is true?
They are the Princes Watchmen and yes, I think they appear to be suitable for the job. What’s the role of Dogberry and his men in this scene? Do they appear to be suitable employees?
No, they knew it was Margaret. Based on the conversation between Conrade and Borachio, did Claudio and Don Pedro fall for Borachio’s and Don John’s deception in regard to Hero?
They lied. Why are Conrade and Borachio arrested?
They are preparing for the wedding. What are Hero, Margaret and Ursula doing as the scene opens?
She is ill. What appears to be wrong with Beatrice?
The Watchmen captured the criminals. He is relieved. What are Dogberry and Verges trying to tell Leonato in this scene? How does Leonato respond?