much ado about nothing act 2

scene 1 After supper, Leonato invites his guests to a masked ball where Beatrice and Benedick continue to provide some light comedy, although they love each other, they can’t stop mocking each other long enough to admit it. Leonato gives permission for his daughter to marry Claudio in seven days time. Don Pedro and Hero decide to play cupid and plan to finally get Beatrice and Benedick to declare their love for each other.
scene 2 Hearing that they only have one week to ruin the wedding, Don John and his servant, soon comes up with a plan, they try to trick Claudio with false evidence into thinking that Hero has been unfaithful to him the night before their wedding.
scene 3 Don Pedro tricks Benedick into thinking that Beatrice is head-over-heals in love with him, but he dare not admit it in case Benedick mocks her. Benedick, who overhears this staged conversation, is completely fooled and starts feeling on his love for Beatrice.