Much Ado About Nothing ACT 2 Scene 2 notes

“Any bar, any cross, any impediment will be med’cinable to me. I am sick in displeasure to him. and whatsoever comes athwart his affection ranges evenly with mie. How cansts thou cross this marriage?” Don John is saying that if Boachio can stop Claudio from being happy then he will feel better and asks Borachio how he thinks he can wreck Claudio’s marraige?
covertly Secretly
“I think I told your lordship a year since I am in the favor of Maragaret, the waiting gentlewoman to Hero.” Borachio tells Don John that he told Don Johna a year agao tha Margeret, Hero’s servent, likes him
chamber bedroom
“The poision of that lies in you to temper. Go you to the Prince your brother. Spare not to tell him that he hath wronged his honor in marrying the renowned Claudio, whose estimation do you mightily hold up, to a contmainated stale, such a one as Hero.” Borachio says That part is up to you. Go and tell Don Pedro that he has done a bad thing by setting up respected Claudio with a a woman who is not respected such as Hero
Go then, find me a meet hour to draw Don Pedro and the Count Claudio alone….. Borachio explains his plan to Don John. First Don Jon should tell DP and C that Hero is cheating and the provide evidence. He will be pretending to kiss Hero in Hero’s bedroom but it will really be Margaret.
“Grow this to what adverse issue it can, I will out it in practice. Be cunning in the working this, and thy fee is a thousand ducats.” Don John is saying make arargement and I’ll do this but be careful You will be rewarded with 1, 000 gold coins.
cunning Cleverness, crafty
unseemly inappropriate for time or place
like medicine to me simile meaning it will make me feel better
vex to anger
What error does Shakespheare make? when writing Borachio’s lines when Borachio is telling Don John of his plan it is written that Claudio but it should say Borachio to make the scheme make sense
grave very serious