Much Ado About Nothing Act 2 scene 1

Where have Don Pedro Claudio, and Benedick been ? At war
How do Beatrice and Benedick treat each other ? Mean
What conclusion can you draw about their relationship ? That they are interested in each other
What offer does Don Pedro make to Claudio ? At the end of the day Hero will be Claudio’s
What resolution does Don John make ? He’ll do whatever it takes to make their lives miserable
what kind of attitude does Don John have according to Hero ? Gloomy
What happens to Beatrice whenever she sees Don John and why ? She gets heart burn cause he looks so sour
What kind of man does Beatrice consider ? A man half way in between Don Pedro claudio
What does start to think about when he gets to Messina Love
Benedick swore he would never do this ? Marry
Who pairs up with who at the party ? Don Pedro & HeroBathasar & MargeretBenedick & Beatrice
What lie does Don John tell Claudio ? That Don Pedro is in love with Hero
What does benedick overhear ? The conversation with Don Pedro Claudio and Leanato
What Information is obtained from eavesdropping does borachio bring Don John ? That Claudio want Hero
How does Cluadio feel about the lie Don John tells about Hero at the party ? What does show this us about how Claudio is ? He felt sad and betrayed, A quitter
How does Benedick react to Beatrice’s insults ? He cant stand her tounge
What is Don Pedro’s master plan and who volunteers to help ? To get Benedick and Beatrice together, Hero
How are the plans of Don Pedro and Don John Different ? Don John wants to stop the marriage of Claudio and Hero, Don Pedro wants Claudio and Hero together
What does Claudio do at the wedding ? shames hero
What stereotype are Dogberry and Verges ? Misguided