Much Ado About Nothing Act 2 Quiz {Nugent}

how does Beatrice describe Don John? “How tartly that gentleman looks! I never can see him but I am heart burned an hour after”
what does Leonato tell Beatrice about her future husband? if she keeps being so opinionated about everything, she will never find a good husband
who does Beatrice think that the perfect man would be? a man between Benedick and Don John. (balance between them)
what does curst mean? a word used to describe women considered quarrelsome, talkative, or sharp-tongued
what was the myth about women who did not get married? that they went to hell
what does Beatrice ask God for? that He doesn’t give her a husband. She says “Just, if he send me no husband, for the blessing I am at him upon my knees every morning and evening. Lord, I could not endure a husband with a beard on his face. I had rather lie in the woolen!”
until when does Beatrice say that she will have a husband? “Not till God make men of some other metal than earth”
what are the 3 stages in a relationship according to Beatrice? 1) wooing2) wedding3) repenting
what does Beatrice say about the 3 stages in a relationship? “The first suit is hot and hasty like a Scotch, jig, and full as fantastical; the wedding, mannerly modest as measure, full of state and ancientry; and then comes repentance, and with his bad legs falls into the cinquepace faster and faster till he sink into his grave”
what does Beatrice do to Benedick at the ball? she talks bad about Benedick to his face to spite him
what are Don John and Borachio and Conrade planning to destroy Claudio and Hero’s relationship? Who came up with the plan? they will make it look like Hero is cheating on Claudio. the specific plan is:–they will tell Claudio that Hero is cheating and use Margaret (who is unaware of the plan) to be “Hero” and Borachio will call her by her name so that it looks like she’s cheating on Claudio. Borachio came up with the plan.–
what are Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio planning? to get Benedick to believe that Beatrice loves him. they stage a conversation for him to hear and they want Beatrice and Benedick to be together.
what to Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio talk about so that Benedick hears them? they talk about Beatrice’s desperate love for Benedick, about their fears that her suffering will destroy her, and about how Benedick would mock her if he knew of her love.
what does Benedick decide after overhearing Leonato, Don Pedro, and Claudio’s conversation? he decides that he must love Beatrice in return
what characteristics does Benedick’s perfect woman possess? 1) fair/pretty2) wise3) innocent4) gentle5) musician6) good conversationalist7) any hair color
does Benedick believe he will ever be as romantic as Claudio? no
why doesn’t Benedick want to be in love? because he wants the perfect woman, but he doesn’t believe that she exists so he doesn’t believe in love
what does Benedick think of Beatrice after he heard Leonato, Don Pedro and Claudio’s conversation? that Beatrice is the perfect woman for him; he completely changed his mind